Definition, examples of effective digital strategy use

You must have heard of the term. vegetal Without knowing exactly what this word means. To begin to see more clearly, did you know that when you order products, whether it’s food or clothing online, you choose a file Order directly from the storeit was part of phygital strategy ? phygital is part of Marketing strategy Which combines the digital and the physical. What is phygital, what is it? What are the benefits of this marketing strategy? We explain everything to you in the rest of this article.

What is phygital?

Phygital was born in 2013, a pivotal period when consumption patterns Began to develop as all purchases were made in physical stores. The term phygital was coined by an Australian agency called Momentum which bears the trade name “An Agency for the Phygital World”. The Digitization began to take precedence over materialism, radically changing the consumer habits. So it was necessary to adapt to these new changes.

definition of phygital

As described above, includes phygital customer experience physical and digital. This means that the physical experience we have in the store such as the contact and customer relationshipwith digital experience like Online interactions with brand representatives.

Why choose the phygital approach and how to implement it?

with arrival E-CommerceThe phygital strategy is the best channel for retailers and brands to differentiate themselves and provide a better customer experience. Choosing a phygital strategy makes it possible Simplify the customer journey At points of sale, increase online visibility, Customer loyalty By creating an experience that adapts to their expectations and boosts store traffic.

Example of phygital use

Payment card reader used in shops for phygital strategy

As explained above, phygital applies to both the physical and the digital. For physical solutions, this mainly includes:

  • Order stations allow customers to order an item that is not currently available in store T.
  • subordinate mobile apps Sellers provide information to customers about products, and order trackingSuggest personal articles taking into account the personal preferences of the client.
  • Interactive windows displaying tips as well as product descriptions.
  • Installing mobile payment terminals to reduce queues and waiting times at checkout

Brands like Sephora have been able to take advantage of Phygital, such as paying for purchases at in-store payment terminals, for example. Amazon makes extensive use of visuals to facilitate and improve its massive operations logistic service. In fact, Amazon’s 80,000 square meter distribution center located in Ile-de-France in Bretigny-sur-Orge, currently has more than 4,000 independent shuttles transporting products daily. Thanks to Phygital, Amazon offers efficient and sustainable management of its inventory as well as a guarantee of fast delivery. Brand Timberland has also launched a new concept for a phygital store in New York where customers can use the small tablets available to them to allow them to scan product labels for information.

For phygital digital solutions, these are mainly social networks that help increase the visibility of a store or point of sale, and implement Click and collect. Thus the user can implement one or more online shopping and pick it up from the store. Thanks to phygital, it is also possible to be made by the consumer Online booking (Online Reservation) for an item available in store without obligation to purchase.

phygital is a Marketing Technology very effective let Strengthening the relationship with customers and rotation. According to ACSEL, the main transversal digital consortium in France whose primary mission is to increase digital transformationmore than 69% of the companies reported improved operational efficiencies thanks to the implementation of the phygital strategy.

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