Senior Graphic Designer, full time

At Cible, we love clashing ideas, sharing knowledge, and being open to the world. We are a gang of 25 professionals who like to tell authentic stories and create experiences and content that makes an impression. Cible is above all else a marketing communications agency whose mission is to change the world through creativity.

To achieve this, we work with businesses and charities from around the world, helping them develop their community brand through a variety of services. Your work environment is very important to becoming an influencer maker. That’s why we believe in diversity, inclusion, the strength of each, collaboration and, above all, fun among colleagues. We count on competitive advantages, continuing education, and social engagement for all!

Your turn
As a Senior Graphic Designer, you will be required to work with colleagues from multiple disciplines. You will be responsible for the conceptual and visual elements of various large-scale projects and will be required to present to clients as well as promote them to members of the interactive studio or team. Your exceptional graphic eye and knowledge of ergonomic concepts in web and digital development will allow our clients to differentiate themselves from the competition. Engaging in group thinking, communicating constructive recommendations to the design team, allowing knowledge to be shared and exchanged and ensuring the production and delivery of your projects will be part of your everyday life.

your responsibilities

  • Work closely with designers, developers, copywriters, strategists, project managers and consulting.
  • Create visual content (website, social media, print, blog, digital, etc.) to attract and engage target audiences.
  • Create promotional marketing materials, advertisements, campaigns, presentations, guides, etc.
  • Building and creating strong and distinctive brand images with encapsulated visual identities.
  • Develop packaging proposals.
  • Master the UX/UI concept.
  • Graphic design standards and style guides.
  • Present creative concepts to various stakeholders and provide technical guidance throughout the project.
  • Collect and interpret customer needs.
  • Working with innovative technologies to create unique and interactive experiences.
  • Collaborate on studio and interactive team development in order to enhance agility.

our requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree and/or DEC and/or diploma relevant to this job.
  • an experience 7 years and over In the design, construction and production process.
  • The group of projects you worked on.
  • Agency experience.
  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, XD, Photoshop, InDesign) and Office suite;
  • mastering web design and various types of digital production;
  • Very good knowledge of UX and UI design;
  • Skill in illustration and video/audio editing (assets).

Little extras!
In the summer, Friday afternoons are free of meetings so that the target group has the opportunity to finish early and take advantage of the beautiful summer weather.

We offer a flexible schedule and are in 100% remote working mode.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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