NP Digital: The latest acquisition for analytics-focused marketers provides improved customer insights.

On May 31, 2022 in Las Vegas, NP Digital completed its negotiations to acquire one of the most popular search marketing tools in the industry. AnswerThePublic does this by listening to autocomplete data on search engines like Google. In fact, out of the 3 billion search queries that users enter daily, almost most of them trigger autocomplete suggestions from search engines. Marketers can then use these valuable consumer insights to create new, on-demand content.

NP Digital: What is it?

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Founded by influencer marketer and entrepreneur Neil Patel, NP Digital also owns another popular free keyword research tool called Ubersuggest.

NP Digital is a leading performance marketing company focused on mid-market companies and brands. With the help of its exclusive technology division and its Ubersuggest platform, NP Digital is part of one of the award-winning marketing agencies for its rapid growth performance in the sector. NP Digital views marketing as a consulting lens, taking a holistic view while applying professional execution to create meaningful partnerships. These partners include some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 brands, as well as mid-size DTC organizations. NP Digital is expanding globally with 650 employees, 7 offices and headquarters in Las Vegas.

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NP Digital has acquired the Audience Answer website.

NP Digital: Acquisition of a site
Source: NP Digital

Ubersuggest from NP Digital previously relied on components of AnswerThePublic technology to meet the specific needs of Ubersuggest customers. This unique data visualization experience is now available to businesses of all sizes, from small and medium businesses to global corporations.

However, Lisa Uhmann, COO of Ubersuggest said:

“The acquisition of AnswerThePublic will expand Ubersuggest’s technological capabilities by providing deeper insights to marketers.”

“The merging of two of the industry’s best tools powered by one of the world’s fastest growing agencies will truly lead to the next wave of advanced data insights and visualization.”

Now, Ubersuggest covers over 30 billion keywords and 50 trillion backlinks in 249 countries with a strong focus on data optimization. In-depth information segmentation and data visualization enable organizations to identify opportunities and think about outcomes faster.

Mike Gullaksen, CEO of NP Digital also stated:

“Digital NP is designed to grow with businesses, while providing easily accessible insights to help growing companies add a competitive advantage.”

“The acquisition of AnswerThePublic enhances our digital ecosystem and I am particularly pleased with the depth it adds to our data analysis and visualization capabilities.”

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This integrated and comprehensive scope democratizes advanced performance marketing techniques and actionable insights. Now, marketers and individual entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of the public release technology on the Ubersuggest platform to find research information that is easy to enter and use.

Both platforms use the same data.

Both platforms use the same set of data. But each has its own features, functions and perceptions.

NP Digital says the acquisition will mean more new features that are free on both platforms — information you can access from either platform. As such, these two tools will continue to help marketers uncover inspiration and insights that will help shape their SEO and content marketing strategies.

Mike Gullaksen, CEO of NP Digital, explained that the platform allows marketers to pull data from the world’s largest focus group – Google search users. He claimed that the ability to extract huge data sets to determine consumer interest in wants and needs is one of the most successful strategies, but is underutilized for content and search marketers. By overlaying this insight on data, marketers can look back and see trends directly with powerful visualizations, and quickly advance their content plans, all while aligning with the game state of consumers.

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