La Ronde des Quartiers became my business in Bordeaux

“A new page is being written. Christian Bolm has been president for eleven years, and the standards are high,” explains New Moon Trade Head in Bordeaux. The office has two vice presidents: Anna Pedelaborde, of l’Échoppe de la lune, and David Ducornu, of Adventure Sports.

Trade in Bordeaux wants to give itself the means for a “more digital future,” “setting up the commerce of tomorrow.” The digitization house is under consideration. “We need to pool our digital skills,” Anna Pedelabord explains. It will be a matter of providing individual support and photographic equipment… “We hope to propose a project next year,” defines George Simon. A second digital block: Launching a mobile app.

digital workshops

La Ronde des Quartiers also had about twenty events each year. On May 15, free digital workshops will be offered, upon registration, at the Municipal Stadium. Pros will talk about e-commerce, data and digital marketing… The summer sale is scheduled for July 21-23.

As for the epicureals, in June, they “must be reinvented.” As a reminder, the municipality no longer wants the event to be held in the alleys of Tourney. La Ronde des Quartiers hasn’t been able to find a new base and has thrown in the towel this year. In mid-May, Christian Paul spoke of “disappointment with politicians towards Epicurial”, which sparked a protest within his association. For George Simon, “There may have been some tensions, I hope this is in the past, and we have to work hand in hand.”

“smooth succession”

Christian Bolme, director of one of the DIY brands, is leaving after a decade at the helm of the Ronde des Quartiers. I was the boss for a while. I will leave the association, I will have an advisory role if desired. Three years ago, the board of directors was renewed by 60%, and it had time to assess the issues. Thus, my succession is smooth. This allowed me to cancel the Ronde des Quartiers character. We must now make room for a new generation. »
During the past three years, he has had to deal with the repercussions of the health crisis and the yellow vest demonstrations, so what can he save from them? “The association gave hope to the members. We heard. It was also able to give itself the advice that it gave the traders. We had to stay together, fight together and survive. We are rich in that.”

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