Kripp participates in the Twitch gambling debate

Kripp has become the latest broadcaster on Twitch to interfere with gambling sponsorship, however, adding to the public debate over the issue. Veteran Hearthstone player and Twitch juror says gambling on the Amazon-owned streaming platform is not a problem if done right.

Crepe calls for better regulation of gambling flow

Creep talked about the “correct conditions” for distributing this type of content. His opinion is a direct response to xQc’s return to gambling. As one of the biggest creators and content creators on Twitch, xQc has a huge impact on audiences, and some have argued that it may expose vulnerable people to a more risky gamble.

In fact, fans have already bet nearly $120 million through xQc’s Steam, using a unique promo code that leads to, the same website that currently collaborates with musician and artist Drake. But Cripp isn’t entirely sure that’s a bug. Kripp bucked the trend once again by offering a more realistic look at things.

He claimed that there must be “a lot of conditions” for gambling to exist, but added that he didn’t think there was anything wrong with, at first. If Kripp makes a judgment, it’s against people who are acting too tough:

There are people who think gambling is immoral and all this crap, but I think gambling is good.

Kripp’s main point was to make sure he was understood in his belief that there was nothing inherently wrong with gambling, but rather – a matter of good systems. Its main problem is sponsored gambling which is clearly unregulated.

Unregulated websites must go

Cribb was particularly critical of unregulated websites that use cryptocurrency and operate “out of nowhere” or, as he put it, “in the Bermuda Triangle or some nonsense.” It wasn’t clear if Kripp was talking about at the time, although, the largest crypto game site, appears to sponsor game streams on Twitch. Pressure has grown to ensure these streams are regulated, Kripp suggested, so over time there may be new rules introduced on streaming devices.

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