Its role, tasks and skills required to practice this profession

Dexterity and performance are at the core of the community manager profession

The Community Manager (CM) plays a strategic role for the brand as it is the guarantor of its digital identity on the various channels in which it speaks. Uses social networking to attract new audiences and to engage brand communities. Its main task is to conduct monitoring, analyze online reputation, create content on and off platforms, while measuring the results of its business. Beyond the simple measure of vanity scales Like likes, comments or shares, its scope also and above all includes a strong performance and return on investment (ROI) dimension.

Versatile, it is a true Swiss army knife within the organizations (agencies, advertisers, associations, etc.) ” He learns, listens and creates content on behalf of the company. To do this, he must fully understand the expectations of his society, like the world of ethnology. A community manager, able to promote his work as part of a global corporate digital communication strategy, will easily become indispensable ‘,” explains Julian Beburit, coach in community management at ifocop and LinkedIn expert.

As with other web jobs, there are distinct differences depending on whether the CM is working for the advertiser or an agency. ” At the advertiser, you’re on the boat. You know what actions can be taken to develop image and brand awareness. In an agency, you are not directly with the client. You have more space to come up with ideas for high value-added content ”, continues the speaker. The community manager also interacts with many professions on the Web, but not only: managers or directors of communications and marketing, but also press relations, after-sales service, quality service or even sales representatives.

Multiple and sustainable skills to become a community manager

The qualities required to transition into a CM career are manifold, says Marin Mirambo, Gironde Independent Community Director and young Ifocop alumnus. ” During my studies, I gained skills in Communication, Marketing, Copywriting, Photo Editing, Video Editing, etc. Thanks to ifocop’s training, I know how to organize myself to carry out the daily CM tasks for my client. It gave me legitimacy and self-confidence. »

The trainer recommends learners to specialize in certain skills. ” For my part, II have chosen to orient myself on the LinkedIn platform while maintaining an understanding of community management in relation to my professional experiences in agency and advertiser. » Mastering project management, knowing the basics of growth hacking, which allows you to rapidly grow your online community, knowing how to learn on your own and keeping pace with developments in this sector will allow you to evolve in this leading sector. Online Marketing, which is currently recruiting many talents.

If communication is related to psychology, the profession of CM remains deeply human. ” I strongly believe in soft skills, and they are enduring skillsJulian Biburet confirms. A community manager must have the culture of his community. He must understand it from the inside with empathy, without being a prisoner, to know how to respond to haters and critics on the platforms. » To attract the attention of the recruiters, you will have to work on personal brands. ” If you want to become a business manager, but you are not on social networks, you will lose valuable points during the job interview. »

Professional training closer to reality on the ground

Ifocop, which specializes in professional training for adults, offers several educational formulas to quickly become operational and understand the various aspects of the community manager job. ” Breaking down into tasks makes it easy to understand and take action, while giving you access to new sources of information about digital marketing. »

The possibility of interchange with professional trainers in the field makes it possible to stay as close as possible to the reality on the ground, an asset that learners value. ” In addition to the quality of the speakers, their availability of all questions related to the courses and support in our search for an internship has been a real plus during my career. ,” confirms former trainee Marin Mirambu.

Another advantage: you have the possibility to follow the course on the basis of work and study. ” We are in the trade with actionable skills, not fixed ones. The work and study program gives you the opportunity to compare your first ideas with the business world. ’” concludes Julian Beboret.

To train you in community management, there are 3 educational modes at your disposal:

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Professional adult training organization ifocop offers a rich and diverse catalog of software to guide you and make a career in the main professions on the web: Web Developer (Full Stack JS Developer, Integrated Developer, Object Oriented PHP Developer), E-Commerce Project Manager, Community Manager, Operational Marketing Manager or Designer web. Thanks to a pedagogical method that combines the learning of skills in a center or at a distance and a period of immersion in a company (internship or work-study program), learners put their knowledge into practice and face concrete situations. A winning formula because over 80% of ifocop learners find a job.

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