IoT platform for retail digitization

With its IoT All-star platform, Chinese company Hanshow aims to bring European retailers into a new era of performance, productivity and profitability. In fact, its digital solution, which will be presented at EuroCIS 2022, aims to enhance the digital transformation of distribution.

To reduce its operating costs and start up digital transformationEuropean retailers were the first to adopt Gondolles electronic labeling systems (EEG). This is how the Chinese startup Hanshow specialized in this field became the main supplier of Connected Store Solutions.

Moreover, the shooting of the young man was a main actor For the digital transformation of retail. So far, Hanshow can brag about publishing nearly 100 millionelectronic tags. Its goal is to constantly revolutionize connected stores. This is to enable retailers to simplify their operations and improve their pricing strategies. And in the end, provide as much as possible to the end consumer possible character.

As part of EuroCIS 2022, the startup will present a wide range of new Internet of Things solutions and globally competitive digital retail services. Gondola based control systemsartificial intelligence To self-checking trolleys, for in-store marketing, Hanshow will provide a whole series of solutions, new conveying technologies and new software to carry out a more form Total for digital transformation.

The All-star platform will be among the star solutions that the Chinese startup will offer. Cleverly designed to meet the needs and expectations of European markets, All Stars will unlock a selection of Extraordinary possibilities.

All-star platform features

All star is Internet of Things platform It was specifically developed to support European retailers towards digitalisation. It provides them with an integrated system for managing all IoT devices and digital services. As well as expanding digital operations.

All stars also present Feature guides Management. Such as pricing, interactive marketing and digital payments. But also analyzes of passenger flows and automated monitoring patrols.

In fact, the goal of the platform is to enable retailers not only to acquire management skills faster Internet of Things Equipment. But also to solve the new challenges inherent in the number of IoT devices active on different transmission signals in a more efficient way. And this, while giving them the ability to develop applications in a flexible manner with custom contacts. This helps improve the operating efficiency of connected stores. and provide the best possible customer experience.

In detail, All star platform offers retailers proprietary publishing solutions as well as SaaS. It can support both solutionsUnified authentication to the user. But also the integration of access to every solution management platform. and to the main operations of the company. This is thanks to the HTTP-based open API. This greatly simplifies hardware maintenance.

In parallel with the All-Star platform, Hanshow will also introduce its own communication protocol based on a individual transmission frequency. It will ensure connectivity between all startup IoT devices.

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