Instagram launches original affiliate program

Back in March, we heard rumors that Instagram was launching an affiliate feature, and today it was finally revealed.

What started out as a simple photo-sharing app is now a worldwide favorite, with its strong footholds in e-commerce. Influencers have dominated the platform for a long time, but it looks like the changes will finally take effect, which means the integration between content sharing and monetization will be smoother than ever.

Instagram has shared on its Creators account how its new affiliate program, which will be rolling out over the next few months, will allow creators, when creating a news feed or story, to not only tag the specific products they feature in their content. , but you earn commission on the sales they generate from that content.

The program will not only benefit content creators on Instagram, who will be able to generate more revenue, but also engage and interest their audience who are looking for new product recommendations. Users can buy and invest in the products they want to buy, while supporting their favorite creators.

Comments on the Instagram post announcing the program were overwhelmingly positive, with users and creators sharing how “excited they are to see this in action” and how “this will be a huge monetization step for creators.”

It remains unclear if all users will be able to use the feature, or if it is limited to creators with a certain number of subscribers.

Journalist Neve Fair-Smith of the influencer marketing industry publication Talking Influence focuses heavily on the growth of the influencer marketing industry and how innovators are business entities in their own right. She says, “A move like this from a huge platform like Instagram, to which many creators belong, also confirms that content creation is a professional endeavour.

“Where many industries still fail to recognize the legitimacy of content creation and influencer marketing as it relates to making a living, Instagram is not only recognizing the opportunities, it offers more.

“This tool will be ideal for those who are just starting to earn extra income when they start engaging in paid and sponsored publishing partnerships, but it is also ideal for established creators with large market audiences. Product recommendations.”

PerformanceIN will continue to follow the launch of the Instagram affiliate program, monitor its success, as well as examine how creators using the tool reap the benefits and impact this development will have on marketing agencies.

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