ICCPP ODM+ Unveils Disposable Ceramic Coil, Multipurpose Solution Developed Through Its Digital R&D Strategy

BIRMINGHAM, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)– ICCPP launched a full range of ceramic coil solutions, including disposable ceramic coils, at Vaper Expo UK in Birmingham on May 27, 2022, a new category backed by its digital transformation strategy that marks a new era in The global electronic cigarette industry.

For the first time, ICCPP offered as a group and provided ODM+ solution and full range of ceramic coil solutions. Based on Gene Tree technology, ICCPP’s ceramic coil will be integrated into the ODM+ business to promote further development in the industry. The ceramic coil, the first ICCPP product to be brought to market since the joint launch of its digital strategy along with SAP and PwC, is set to become a standard in the global e-cigarette industry.

Revolutionary Progress: Ceramic Coil Solution for Multipurpose Disposable Classes

In the vaping industry, ceramic coil technology is a key indicator of how far a company has come in technology. ICCPP started working on ceramic coil technology in 2019 by building a talented R&D team led by Peacock software, aiming to reach the industry-leading level with 3rd or 4th generation of ceramic coil, and completely surpass its competitors with 5th or 6th generation.

With the desire to become a pioneer in atomization technology, ICCPP offers a natural and enjoyable vaping experience thanks to its technical innovations and Nanomaterials (NC). From thick film to thin film, from wire and surface heating to solid heating, ICCPP’s NC ceramic atomization technology has been continuously improved by coil data model and enhanced the team’s research and development capabilities to remove obstacles from the vaping coil industry. Recently launched, Gene Tree thin-film technology has five technical advantages, that is, it is powder-free, improves safety, purifies atomization, benefits from long life, and improves odors.

With the renewed efforts of the R&D team, ICCPP recently launched the new generation of Gene Tree film technology and product applications, which compared with the third generation of ceramic coil, improves flavor, increases the service life of the reel, and improves product reliability, providing users with an authentic and enjoyable experience.

ICCPP will soon launch a disposable product with Ceramic Gene Tree Technology, with benefits such as longer mouth feel, more puffs, better flavor delivery, increased reliability, to deliver a pioneer, revolutionize the sector and become a major player.

Digital + Technology Innovation Will provide ODM + digital solution

The main advantages of the ICCPP at the technical level come from its significant investment in scientific and technological innovation. On May 26, ICCPP announced the official launch of its “Digital Transformation Project” at its headquarters in Shenzhen, becoming the first major global e-cigarette manufacturer to collaborate with SAP and PwC. By doing so, ICCPP will become a leader in the digital transformation stage.

Digital strategy refers to the company’s comprehensive digital innovation integrating R&D, manufacturing, export, international marketing, etc. In the future, ICCPP will create an unprecedented “digital closed circuit” and new digital competitiveness by creating digital R&D, manufacturing, marketing and expertise. The “digital technology innovation” mode will become the core competitive advantage of the ICCPP, including digitalization + chips, digitalization + fragrance, digitalization + intelligent manufacturing. “The company will drive development and create value through digitization.” Through digital transformation, the company seeks to contribute more deeply to the industry and to consumers around the world.

In order to develop the ceramic coil, the ICCPP software quickly simulates the atomization effect by modeling input data and parameters, such as interface and size, so as to find the optimal configuration without a production sample, thus accelerating product development and delivery. ICCPP has developed long-term plans for refillable and disposable ceramic coil products, and has announced cooperation intentions with at least five major international clients.

The mission of the growing leader: to bring technical innovations to customers around the world

ICCPP knows that today’s customers are no longer looking for traditional ODM, but rather for branded ODM+s. Therefore, the company launched a new strategic partnership that integrates brand positioning, customer insights, product design, development and service, to enable its customers to enter the new era of product personalization.

ICCPP promises to provide customers with the latest technology applications first, giving them technology similar or better than their own brands. Then, the ICCPP shares all advanced technologies with the entire industry chain in a strategic cooperation framework, including laboratories and institutes, automated production sites, international users and global marketing departments. ICCPP derives its confidence from its extensive international experience and ability to provide its clients with comprehensive services. ICCPP is committed to providing two platforms to its clients: a fully open technology platform inspired by Android, and a globalization platform based on years of international experience.

As the first strategic category after digital upgrade, the ceramic coil solution can adapt to the whole production line. Embodying the most advanced technologies in the industry, it is poised to create a new vaping category, improve user experience and bring about changes in market structure. On the other hand, the ICCPP ODM+ activity will undergo digital upgrade and improve the efficiency of the whole operating system by integrating market research, R&D, product design, orders, delivery and after-sales service; On the other hand, it will establish deep cooperation with global customers for ceramic coil solution. ICCPP has already demonstrated its cooperative intentions in the field of ceramic coil technology well known to many major international clients. ICCPP plans to bring new surprises to global customers and market restructuring in the future.

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