Employers are testing paid time off to retain their employees

“What is certain is that I will not spend two months in front of the TV.” Having failed to appear on her screen, Laura Liliver will discover the steppes of South America in real life. This partnership manager at digital marketing startup Artur’In decided to take a couple of months off, in order to fulfill an old dream: lend a helping hand to a friend who opened a horse farm in South America. “to change life” Temporarily, while keeping her job safe: The perfect compromise for this 34-year-old female employee, who doesn’t plan to quit her job: “I love my job, but Since we passed our bac, we haven’t had a vacation for two months in a row. »

The possibility of taking sabbatical leave from six months to a year is present in French law, but its adoption is still difficult to measure: the absence of statistics from the Ministry of Labor indicates that the phenomenon is still marginal. If it allows you to get a guarantee of finding your job or an equivalent job after several months of absence, then the sabbatical leave requires the approval of your employer. Above all, this device is not paid for.

But lengthening careers, fear of “big resignation” and employment tensions encourage some employers to provide housing. At the end of the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus, Laura Lelièvre did not hesitate to take two months of paid sabbatical leave.

Take care of your brand image

“An employee who is satisfied will do well in his work,” Francois Castro Lara. The Director of Brand and Strategy at Artur’In does not hide this: offering this possibility to his employees also enhances the brand image of the employer. “We have significant recruitment challenges, more than thirty positions are currently open for ‘technical’ profiles. Also, by adapting to employee expectations we can attract them even more.”

Large groups are challenged by employees looking for changes in their lives, and are also developing their systems. A year ago, Accenture introduced a three-month “Priority Personal Leave” to allow an employee to devote themselves to a personal project while still being paid at 50% of their gross salary. This vacation Part of a series of initiatives which aims to respond to “The Pursuit of Meaning” staff and “for their new expectations in terms of flexibility and independence”underlines the group’s spokesperson.

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