▷ Twitter Tips for Your Easter Marketing Campaign

A few days before the Easter holiday, Twitter is revealing some tips to improve your marketing campaign for Easter 2022. It’s not too late, it’s still time to get started!

Easter, a major event in marketing

This year, Easter will be held on April 17, followed by Easter. This is one of the most important dates to remember on our social media calendar for 2022. Synonymous with searching for eggs for the kids, family meals and of course chocolate, this event is an opportunity to launch a marketing campaign.

Chocolate makers in particular make more than Half of its annual turnover Between Christmas and Easter, chocolate is the holiday product par excellence. In the form of an egg, rabbit or chicken, she continues to seduce the French as she does every year. According to a 2017 survey, Two out of three French people buy chocolate at Easter. And if 45% of them would buy it for their spouses, 52% say they would also buy it for themselves and 55% for their children.

Other significant numbers, 97% of them say they like this product by consuming 7.6 kg per year, including 4.3 kg in tablets – that’s more than 21 tablets per capita, which is huge! This also explains the reason for the huge rise as Easter approaches.

According to statistics, research growth begins at least 4 weeks before the official date in France. Regarding the fastest growing type of gift in 2020, let’s mention flowers (+40%) Kids Games (+86%) The famous Chocolate Gifts (+94%).

Even a few days before Easter, there is still plenty of time to start launching a marketing campaign if you haven’t already. To help you improve your social media strategy, Twitter has shared some helpful tips and information.

Tweet types

The company suggests four things to focus on during this event:

  • the video – Video can be a great way to showcase your Easter products;
  • humor We can’t say enough: humor sells. So, for this event, feel free to use it to get closer to your goal;
  • gifts Gifts always attract attention. So a topic giveaway for example can be a good option to get more shares;
  • the family Also consider sharing helpful resources, such as recipes, tips for searching for Easter eggs, games, or any other ideas the family might be interested in.


Last year for example, the most used hashtags around Easter were:

How to use a hashtag? You have two ways for this:

  • On Twitter, the rule of thumb is that if you include a link and want to direct users to click, adding hashtags may not be helpful. This gives them more things to click through in the Tweet;
  • If you are looking to increase the visibility of your message and increase brand awareness, especially through your tweets, hashtags can help.


Twitter also offers several keywords related to Easter, which can highlight key points of interest:

  • easter eggs
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Candy and chocolate
  • family time
  • Easter dinner preparation
  • lunch
  • egg decoration
  • host family


Twitter also suggests using emojis, which are a must in digital communication. Emotional vectors, they are part of the process of building and strengthening bonds with your goals. It stimulates your audience’s engagement and gives real meaning to your writing by activating the emotional part of the brain.

In the past year, the most used Easter emojis include:

  • bunny face emoji
  • hatching chick emoji
  • egg emoji
  • bunny emoji
  • laughing face emoji

Just avoid repeating the same emoji over and over again as it may annoy the users.

You might think it’s a little late to launch your Easter Twitter marketing campaign. But for small last-minute tweaks and small tests, now is the time!

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