Real estate invasion on social networks thanks to SaaS

Real estate offers, like job offers, have been largely digitized over the years. However, the development of portals dedicated to real estate did not cause agencies and consultants to disappear.

However, these traditional players have competitors other than “pure players”. They also have to deal with networks of independent agents. Annie Fawcett works for one of these networks, Axelite Immo.

Virtual auction room sales

Housing, prestige, commerce, annuity, new and interactive real estate sales make up the professional everyday life of this industry expert. Interactive sales (online auctions) are another example of the digitization of the profession.

This form gathers potential property buyers in the virtual auction room. Thus buyers can determine their location and the seller studies several files simultaneously, while selling an “exceptional property” tends to favor the first comer. Here, the process takes place over a period of two weeks.

“It’s a type of selling that I especially appreciate. It makes it possible not to misread the offer. Buyers have time to think,” says Annie Fawcett. The advisor controls these transactions. It was different with social media.

Outsourcing Animation to Social Networks

Being on these platforms is a must in real estate today, and perhaps even more so for an independent agent. However, it is not easy to master the puzzles of these tools and save time to publish content.

In May 2017, Annie Fousset switched to a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for small businesses. This was available from an emerging startup company, Artur’In. The platform automates digital marketing actions, but also offers advice via a personal trainer.

Among the services offered are animations for social networks. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…so the management of the advisor’s presence and property is outsourced.

Benefit from the expertise of specialists in the field

Posts are posted several times a week. These are simple posts, but advertising actions can also be triggered according to the desired goals: new subscribers, search for prospects (sellers), promotion of your website on Google. Artur’In supports these campaigns.

But Annie Fawcett doesn’t lose all control. All she has to do is contact SaaS to follow up on posts, edit them if desired, or distribute other content herself on social networks. Online training is offered regularly to enrich your mastery of the tools.

To distribute its newsletter every three weeks, the independent agent also relies on Artur’In. The startup gives advice and helps design the newsletter, but is also involved in transferring skills.

“It pays to benefit from the experience of people who are used to dealing with these issues with other partners and other professions,” appreciates Annie Fawcett, who doesn’t hesitate to ask her advisor or coach, Artur N. Elisha.

virtual tours

This “toolbox” clearly showed its interest in 2020, during the confinement period. “During the first confinement, we only had a digital presence. Social networks allowed us to continue to exist and disseminate information,” emphasizes the real estate expert.

However, its digital uses are not limited to marketing. Digital technology is directly involved in the display of the goods for which it is responsible. Everyone now benefits from a virtual visit. But these tours are not self service.

“I am supervising the virtual visit. It is necessary to schedule an appointment with me in advance via an online agenda. Explains the consultant who is keen to maintain control and thus enhance her expertise.

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