Google released the first major update of 2022

Get ready, your website may fluctuate in search engine rankings for the next couple of weeks! Google has already started rolling out its May 2022 major update, thus changing the SEO landscape…

May 2022 core update

Several times a year, Google delivers major updates, “material improvements to our overall rankings”. These are intended to increase the general relevance of the search results and make them more informative and useful to all users.

So a new update has been rolling out since May 25, 2022 and it will take 1-2 weeks to fully implement it.

This is the first public core update of 2022 along with the November 2021 Google Search Algorithm Update. It is not specific to any particular region, language or website category, it is intended to make Google smarter as a search engine.

Despite its undeniable influence, last November’s update was not as relevant as the others. But if Google continues its pattern of two major updates each year, this update will likely have a fitting effect, As in summer 2021.

What does this mean for websites?

Almost every day Google changes the way it ranks search results in order to fine-tune its algorithm even if it’s not very cool. However, sometimes a major update happens, like this one. Thus it will have a greater impact on Google SEO in order to reward the most relevant and relevant content for every search that users make.

This is because the update may (or may not) affect the SEO of your website, as Google evaluates your relevance in search results compared to similar websites. Usually, the exact factors that decide this are not clear or disclosed, especially at such an early stage.

In many cases, no critical mistakes are made, but it can be frustrating if the update lowers your search engine rankings because it will lower your visibility, for no reason.

Danny Sullivan, Google General Search Coordinator, Note that changes to site performance in search results are expected.

“Fundamental updates are changes we make to improve search as a whole and keep pace with the changing nature of the web. Although nothing in a Basic Update is specific to any particular site, these updates can produce significant changes in the way sites work…”

So expect that You see big fluctuations during these two weeks Before removing the update completely. You might see a significant drop one day, and the next day everything could be back to normal. This is why the best decision to make is to wait for everything to fall into place. Once Google announces that the process is complete, try to determine whether or not you have been affected by this change and to what extent.

If you find that your website has become less visible after an update, your next step should be to try to determine the cause.

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