enhances its offer of smart solutions for commercial prospecting

Acquisition of PropTech ALLODATA

ParisAnd the May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/- The group, specializing in digital marketing solutions and data in real estate and housing, is following its strategy for offshore growth and announces the signing of an agreement to acquire the start-up ALLODATA with the acquisition of 63% of the capital today and the balance remaining 37% before the end of the year. Funding for this 1time The entire phase will be covered by the liquid assets of the group, but the remaining balance may be paid in shares of

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ALLODATA, one of the PropTech companies he founded Antoine LegonAn innovative solution for real estate agents and representatives to facilitate their search for new mandates. The startup has thus developed a unique solution in the market by implementing the Allô Mandat digital marketing platform.

Launched in 2017, Allô Mandat has found rapid success with real estate agents and reps thanks to DVM (Direct Voice Mail) technology and freelance computerized real estate work, allowing them to automate their prospecting while providing them with a personalized approach and not the intervention of individual sellers. Thus Allô Mandat provides an effective response to the main concern of real estate professionals: the return of mandates.

Based on a comprehensive and intuitive real estate survey, the unique Allô Mandat solution allows you to automatically send a pre-recorded message on the answering machine to individuals who have posted an advertisement on the Internet. This principle is also rejected with sending personal SMS messages. These solutions are offered to real estate agents according to the principle of geographical exclusivity that protects them from competition. This approach makes it possible to have a real impact in order to transform the prospect into a new mandate while saving valuable time for real estate professionals.

ALLODATA benefits from a particularly favorable environment, characterized by the proliferation of independent agents and the acceleration of digitization of the profession more than ever in demand for innovative solutions. In this context, ALLODATA has always, since its inception, been able to combine growth and profitability.

Thanks to this acquisition, strengthens its offer of digital and innovative services for real estate professionals. The start-up ALLODATA, for its part, will be able to accelerate its development by reaching the historical clients of, in particular, the large networks of agencies, and to expand the range of its solutions thanks to access to the group’s data of 10 million properties.

Discover Allô Mandat’s solution:

With this new operation in the Proptech sector, after acquiring stakes in the companies Kize, Enchères Immo and Cocoon-Immo, enhances its scope of expertise with an innovative solution and continues to pursue its strategic investments It targets the field of data and digital to become a leader in real estate and housing solutions for professionals.

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