Business file, an essential tool for email prospecting

to find Dedicated corporate databaseIt is now possible to purchase Email Lists Tailored to your needs. necessary for B2B Marketing Without fail, the site Offers a large catalog of The possibility of email databases And easy to use.

A file mining site for your email campaigns

The File Company has pooled all assets for efficient and speedy use. Each email file includes Official and valid addresses It is updated every three months. Various titles also undergo tests in order to ensure their validity. No waste of time, so when you need to send a message, you are sure that it will reach its goal.

The site offers More than 2 million potential customers in France. Once you choose the file, you pay online on a secure platform and you can use it right away. The possible file is in Excel format which is Valid for use in your email campaignswithout waiting.

Purchase and lease databases are displayed with pre-targeted activity, region or department. If you purchase a base, you can use it for as long as you want to run your campaigns!

Helpers for your database look up email addresses and outlooks

It is not always clear who Accurately aim As the number of potential customers is important. The site offers a real partnership to help businesses. They listen and advise as much as possible to find useful files to expand the range of clients among 250 files available On site. Thus they can advise you in order to best meet your needs. For more than 3 years, the company has been providing many services to small and medium-sized companies or large companies so that they can develop as much as possible without wasting time.

In addition, these advisors will understand and be able to understand your obligations I tell you which files you like So that you can get titles without spoiling your budget on unsuitable listings. The email database is very complete but if you do not find the file that works for you by chance, you can contact the site specialists who will establish personal suggestion quickly.

Use this Business Profile Buying Tool? Baby play!

You can perform different searches to get to the basics. Advance platform Several solutions for your email campaigns : Search by activity, region or department, but also a CE file with specific emails, exact postal addresses, and updated phone numbers.

On the platform, you can also find many tips for a file Flawless Marketing Campaign. You will be able to learn more about how to retain a customer, how to contact them for a perfect result or even what to do and not to do in a contact email. In case of difficulties with your file application, you can refer to the FAQ or contact a consultant who will do their best to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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