What is the ideal structure for email marketing?

In the past, advertising campaigns would gladly pass through the mail. Today, between postage costs that increase from year to year and the French moving more and more during their lives, this is no longer the good plan. Our grandparents only continue to receive a few well-targeted posts, but for the community in general, it’s time to send out emails. Fast, simple, instantaneous, popular, non-intrusive: Email marketing, especially under RGPD and CNIL, is an indispensable lever, to energize potential customers, retain customers or relaunch undecided. However, in the face of the influx of advertising emails that Internet users receive every day, it is necessary to put the odds on your side.

Global email advertising?

To create an email marketing campaign, what we look for when arriving is Transfers. To get to this point, several steps must be taken: 1 ° the correct reception of e-mail; 2 ° its opening; 3 ° click.

If the first step instead depends on the quality of the addressing file and the reputation of the domain name, as well as the quality of the specific sending system (Sarbacane for example), then the other two steps are the entire email marketing function itself, while the fourth and final step, the conversion, It will include the website of your online store or company.

Concretely, the structure of the marketing email should be clear and limited. Avoid long spaces of text. Give preference to shocking expressions, without going into absurdity at all, especially at the level of the subject of the message (a critical criterion for opening an email, even more so than the name of the sender!). Don’t forget the call-to-action buttons. Experiment, especially to adapt to mobile devices. Make sure you keep track of clicks and the ability to export data on each submission, so you can edit or correct what needs to be edited next.

Images, margins, and size

Offers many campaign management tools Templateswhich models or designsPredetermined and perfectly in tune with the times. This is very practical to save you time and ensure you don’t make any mistakes in taste, provided you take the trouble to make some adjustments in order to further personalize your email ad.

Other than that, there are some global standards that deserve to be given regarding advertising of emails.

Traditionally, we avoid marketing emails with a width greater than 600 pixels, which La Fabrique du Net emphasizes so that there are no surprises with the thumbnail displays. On the weight side, the Mold It must be less than 1KB and email 1MB, images must be in JPEG and other images in PNG format (while it is optimized).

The font used should be classic, readable, and already known to the systems that will receive the email (Arial in particular).

Offer may vary depending on the recipient’s messaging service. The important thing is to deliver a message that works for everyone.

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