What do you do after an environmental management license?

Careers in banking, commerce, insurance … An environmental management degree appeals to students because it offers a range of diverse careers. But before entering the labor market, you can also continue your studies. Many options are available to you. Overview.

Vitaly is 18 years old, he is from Ukraine. In Strasbourg, he chose to pursue a degree in economics and management because he was attracted to financial careers. With this course, “you can play a key role in a company,” says Karim, who is also a student in economics and management in Strasbourg. However, his other companion Gauthier adds, “A bachelor’s degree is generally not enough, you need a master’s.” Karim and Gauthier would like to continue their studies for a master’s degree in international economics “which opens doors to foreign countries”. Karim sees himself as a business consultant: “to encourage bosses to make certain choices,” he explains.

The main outlet for licensing environmental management is to pursue master’s studies”, says Christophe Daniel, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management at the University of Angers. The master’s degree is generally chosen according to the specialization chosen in the third year of the license: mathematics, management, accounting, finance, marketing….

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Students on an Environmental Management License have the option to continue studying

Generally, “The environmental management license opens many doors, particularly towards journalistic studies, preparing for management competitions to enter the police or gendarmerie or to become a police inspector.‘, notes Christophe Daniel. The outlets are wide, students have a choice,” he insists.

It also happens that undergraduate environmental management students do not pursue a master’s degree and are redirecting themselves to a business school. Christopher Daniel notes, “After the bac, they have a job related to economics and management, and then they change their mind. Often, they want to become chartered accountants, work in finance or even in marketing.”

New careers are also part of the opportunities when studying economics and management. “We are talking more and more about digital and big data,” notes Christophe Daniel, referring to him Jobs related to digital data analysis such as data analyst, data scientist, or digital marketing jobs. Positions that can be accessed after obtaining a master’s degree.

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Dual licenses for more ports

At some universities, it is also possible to obtain a double degree. A dual degree in Environmental Law and Management will eventually allow you to work in commercial law firms, in consulting firms, or even integrate a master’s degree in political science.

Dual Degree Opens in Foreign Languages ​​and Environmental Management The path to the Master in International Project Management, International Trade. Finally, a dual degree in Economics and Geography allows you to pursue studies related to regional development, social and environmental transition, environmental conservation or solidarity finance.

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Professional licenses in environmental management to enter the labor market

There are also professional environmental management licenses. at the University of Angers, These include “more tutoring and more training” in corporate and local management. Students on the Professional License in Economics and Management for example can work as a Human Resources (HR) manager in small and medium-sized enterprises or industries. They can also combine banking and insurance.

Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management, It is also possible to enter the labor market directly, particularly as a customer service representative at a bank or insurance companyAs an assistant manager or assistant accountant.

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