Through the NFT project, high school students win the Creativity Award

Final year STMG “Marketing” students from Georges-Pompidou Secondary School participated in the Festival of Mini-Businesses organized by the Entreprendre pour Learn Association, which took place from 2-25 May at the Cap d’Agde Convention Centre.

They took up the platform of their small company Ecolana and were able to discover the NFTs they created: the NFT Georges group

, which is environmentally friendly, on their laptop. They also used a virtual reality headset which was very successful.

Lily-Rose Arnaud-Rosette, Alexis Arbon, Wassim Bouarfa, Matisse Dabier, Lilian Ghadir, Manon Gibert, Louis Gurry, Sasha James, Elliot Gulifit, Lara Mora, Timoe Samoy, Serena Torres, student volunteers, chose to continue this program in more their usual schedule. The icing on the cake: Thanks to their NFT environmental technologies, they won the Innovation Award on May 18.

Live the adventure of entrepreneurship This day allowed me to meet the entrepreneurs and introduce them to our small business as well as the world of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. “, Sasha James says. “I really enjoyed introducing the project to people from abroad, learning about other companies’ projects,” continuousLilian Ghadeer

. And on Lily-Rose Arnaud-Rosette:

“This project was amazing! It was a very enriching experience for me from the point of view of learning marketing and also from a human point of view. Good training for the future.” Valerie Champion, Associate Professor of Economics and Business Administration at the Lycée Georges Pompidou added:

“The students went to the end of their project. A very innovative and unique project in France: high school students who created and commercialized environmental NFTs. In addition, they showed professionalism during the exhibition of miniature works. I would like to do I would like to thank Entreprendre pour Learn Association, who created a high quality educational concept to help students experience the adventure of entrepreneurship. What a joy for a teacher to meet creative, dynamic and enthusiastic young people with projects to protect our planet!”

NFTs, for “non-fungible token” or non-fungible token, designate a unique, virtual object (music, photo, video game character, etc.), which is protected by a digital ownership certificate and paid for in cryptocurrency. Only its owner can disassemble or modify it. The Georges collection, the NFT project for high school students, can be found at Medilibre reporter: 06 62 21 67 37

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