“Tessi No. 1 in the document and business process market”

Interview with Khaled Belhassen, director of Al-Tisi Tunisia.

You have been in Tunisia for almost 15 years, and on this occasion, can you return to your career?

Since its launch, Tessi Tunis (Tunisia Data Services at the time) has always been an important support point for Tessi France’s internal subsidiaries, thanks to its versatile, available and responsive human capital.

During its early years in Tunisia, Tessi Tunis played a crucial role in supporting these clients. This was reflected on a daily basis in managing variations in the flow of documents related to delicate activities and ensuring compliance with delivery deadlines, which is Tessi’s main commitment to its clients, while ensuring the level of compliance expected at the level of the client’s order and the end client.

The reorganization took place at the level of site management with the arrival of the controls of Mr. Khaled Belhassen (site manager from 2012 until now), who brought an ambitious, bold and pioneering strategic vision, this was immediately translated into large-scale projects aimed at a global transformation of the Tunisian subsidiary at a global level Departments: Initial reorganization of human resources accompanied by the establishment of support services, implementation of system quality management and obtaining ISO 9001 certification (2014 – 2015). This transformation also affected the economic and financial side of the subsidiary with access to new French and European markets.

Concerned about the future of the subsidiary and its sustainability in an ever-changing environment, management has always implemented a policy of anticipation, constantly looking for new opportunities for improvement. As a result, projects at all levels have been linked to reach an unparalleled level of maturity since the establishment of the subsidiary with the comprehensive restructuring of the company’s organizational structure and the culmination of the approach to quality, safety and compliance by obtaining ISO 27001 certification as the first subsidiary of the group to win this honor.

What services do you provide?

  1. Digitizing Document Processes: Increase Value for Your Customers and Business Processes

the documents:

  • Physicalization of incoming flows
  • Electronic document management
  • electronic archive
  • Setup and subscribe
  • digitization of human resources
  • Editing and multi-channel outbound streams
  • Digitizing promotional processes


  • Electronic invoices for customers and suppliers
  • plural and letters
  • Bank check processing
  • Monitoring and legal information
  • Online Ads
  1. Business back office: Outsourcing and expertise in servicing your activities

Partial Delegated Administration:

  • P&C & Claims
  • Inactive accounts and inactive funds withdrawal
  • Credits legal back office
  • rescue
  • factoring
  • Annual declarations
  • Credit card
  • retirement lab
  • Know your customer and fight fraud
  • health saving

Total delegated administration:

  • home loan
  • real estate services
  • health insurance for savings
  • Back office checks
  1. Customer Relationship and Experience: Grow your business, improve your customer experience

Multichannel customer relationship:

  • customers service
  • Operations and collection
  • customer care
  • social networks

Marketing Relationship

  • relationship software
  • leadership management
  • Campaign management

Activation and marketing to shoppers

  • Marketing and Partnerships Experience
  • Events
  • Customization and sampling
  1. Software Deployment: Power your transformation with cutting-edge, compliant technologies

Document management:

  • GED / Workflow / Case Management (ECM)
  • Archiving and Electronic Safe (LLC)
  • Multichannel and outgoing mail LRE (CCM)


  • Physicalize customer and supplier invoices
  • Multichannel payment and collection gateway
  • EDI . Bank
  • Banking check flow management

Digital Security and Trust:

  • Digital setup and subscription
  • electronic signature
  • Timestamp, Digital Identity and Internet Security
  • Document and content security

Business solutions:

  • Pension Health Administration
  • Accounts and Banking Products
  • CRM and Marketing Automation

What professions do you support?

our markets our jobs
health sector CRM
Banks and financial institutions Administrative and Financial
Insurance, exchanges, retirement Operations and back office
Departments and Societies Digital transformation and innovation
Trade and distribution HR
Fixed Management information systems
high consumption products marketing
Communication and Energy Risk and Compliance

What about Tessi’s data protection policy?

The protection of personal data is at the heart of the Tessi Group’s concerns, in particular as a guarantor of the digital trust necessary for its customers and for the digital transformation of data flows.

As part of its activities, the Tessi Group undertakes to ensure the protection of personal data of its employees and customers, whether during collection, processing, storage or transmission, and compliance with the laws and legislative obligations in force in this field (GDPR ).

As a subsidiary of the group, Tessi Tunis ensures the application of governance rules for the protection of personal data, which are in line with the strategic challenges of risk reduction.

This is ensured by the DPO relay, represented in our company by the Director of Quality, Safety and Environment, whose role is to transmit communications related to the Personal Data Protection Policy to the Group, to monitor compliance with the requirements related to this matter, coordinate and monitor the implementation of specified actions at the local level, as well as measure their effectiveness.

Securing our information system is one of the strategic challenges of Tessi Tunis, which has deployed the necessary resources and means to certify data flow processing activity in the version of ISO27001 2013, in 2020.

Our ISMS integrates all essential measures to protect the various information assets of our company against any attempt at intrusion, by means of permanent controls, analysis of vulnerabilities, risks and governance bodies, to ensure the efficiency and security of our integrated management system.

Can you tell us a word about your upcoming projects?

Our plans for the near future mainly focus on these pillars:

  • Completion of the first phase of the “Car Rental” project, which consists of designing and developing an ERP solution for car rental companies
  • Opening up to the local market (IT services marketing, after-sales service, project management, development) and developing new international business.
  • Run a new management platform that aims to simplify the management control process with many functions such as EDM, inventory management, inventory management
  • Upgrade our e-learning platform to a version that perfectly meets business needs in terms of functionality, ergonomics and performance.
  • Digitize and modernize all HR professions
  • Deployment of HR Marketing Strategy: Putting communication among our priorities in order to gain visibility into the labor market and with suppliers of the HR business.
  • Promoting corporate social responsibility and sustainable development
  • Achieving a new performance lever “QSE”: quality, environment and safety at work.

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