First of the summer at Metro with Cossette

subway Launches its new integrated communications campaign signed Kosette. under topic The first in the summerthis summer initiative aims to position the sign as a favorite grocer of Quebecers and strengthen the public’s sense of belonging and closeness to the brand.

This campaign kicked off last March with a welcome poem for those who love fine weather. Those who celebrate without embarrassment once the temperature rises and who are the first to open their pool, take out their sandals or grill on a barbecue…while there is still snow to shovel.

subway So it’s committed to keeping up with those pioneers and comings to Quebec who want to get a taste of summer first. From the first arrival of fruits and vegetables to the first seafood feasts, to the first evenings around the fire and the first frozen desserts, the local grocer will be at the top of the list to inspire people to gather around food. From here and take advantage of this feature of all these little pleasures to taste.

“The signature of ‘Les Premiers à’ is very fertile ground for the brand, in addition to allowing us to overcome the limitations of talking about summer when it is still winter. Thanks to a very rich and versatile creative platform, the campaign succeeded in highlighting, in turn, all the local products and festivities Which is in the spotlight this season in subway‘, he explains Genevieve DuquetteCreative Director at Kosette.

The first to taste lobster
Lobster season is definitely one of the favorite seasons for Quebecers. Kosette So I designed free demo versions as well as a content strategy that showcases this coveted product. With oyster prices soaring, despite a good fishing season, subway I decided to create my first coupon bib and reduce the consumer bill. Mounted on an urban barrier, pep coupons can be redeemed for a discount on Quebec lobster when visiting a grocery store.

On the other hand, the brand gives the audience the opportunity to follow Gaspésien Anthony Dube On his first official hunting expedition as a captain-owner. Frantic, happy and proud all at the same time, the latter offers the steps that will lead him to his first lobster hunt, which he will end up in subway.

“The summer period is crowded in Quebec, and it was necessary for us to be a part of it with a united and easy campaign,” he explains Alan TadrossVice President of Marketing subway. This cooperation allows subway To remain active throughout the summer, as it has managed to adapt to the many incoming and consolidating events in Quebec as well as to bring together various partner industries under the same initiative.”

Advertising messages are available on television, on screen and on the Internet. The attack also includes point-of-sale advertising as well as organic content across the brand’s digital ecosystem.

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client : subway
Agency : Kosette
Establishing : Anne-Claude Chenier, Genevieve Duquette, Philippe Brassard, Raphael Cottier, Marc Antoine Vallee, Camille Lovesque, Lionel Michy, Isabel Cottier, Marc-Andre LaFrance, Harmony Le Rest
strategy: Myriam Menville
Producer : Olivier Charbonneau, Rosalie Saint-Cyr, Eliane Gordinier-Le Maire
Agency outputs: Seventh
Electronic production and post-production: Stephanie Côté, Julie Baudouin, Philip Tremblay-Perrin, Marie-Andre Lisott
Informatics, print and digital production: Colette Dumay, Eric Ferrer, Daniel Cartier, Mario Levesque, Maxime Pluto, Eric Lefebvre
Media Agency: He hits
The media: Martin Soberan, Miva Tibia, Maxime Moreau, Adrien Vieux, Carmen Pennetta
Media Partner: Wild Advertising
production house: Children
Produce : Stephanie Bowden
Directing (TV production): grandfather
Achievement (first lobster as captain): Louis Charles Bellon
Post production: Mills
sound and music: Ocean

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