Drone pilot: the right plan to start your career?

A former member of the French Navy turned construction, then Cyril Legendre set up an experimental drone training center, the Reference Drone, in 2019, at Lannion (22). Three years later, his company employs four people, recently opened branches in Derinon (29) and Van (56), and has trained more than 300 apprentices. “The profiles are very diverse and of all ages. Among the professionals, some are retraining or want to set up their own business, others are employees who want to acquire additional skills … ”, explains the man who sees an increase in demand of 25% every year and counts among his clients a large number of construction industry accounts but Also for media or even freelance artists or photographers.

A booming business in the construction industry

Currently, 80% of our interns are developing in the media sector, the rest comes mainly from construction professions. But this proportion tends to be offset because the construction industry is providing more and more outlets, just like agriculture, which is emerging, especially for crop control and phytosanitary treatment”, explains the responsible manager, elsewhere, for Unipat Brittany (1).

Founded in Rennes in 2012, DWA is for its part a dean in the field in Brittany. “We train about 200 trainees annually, with a high build-up,” explains Stefan Weyart, its director, who has registered a 60% growth in four years and a 15-20% increase in training funded by the Child Protection Fund.

In Nantes, Dronelis, another heavyweight in training with 180 apprentices trained annually, is relying in parallel on its activity of removing algae from roofs and technical inspection of buildings by drones for development. With an average growth of 40% per year, its director is Guillaume Richard, who employs about fifteen people, has just exceeded one million euros in sales and recently opened offices in Bordeaux and Lyon.

Have a well-defined project before starting

For him, in addition to knowing how to fly a drone, “skills related to the analysis and processing of data and images collected are most in demand.” His advice before starting? “Having a well-defined project, setting realistic expectations, and above all not investing in expensive equipment before acquiring clients.”

Opinion shared by Isabel Chevreul, former project manager at a digital agency. Three years ago, after three months of extensive pilot training, I set up the Invictus Drone in Servon-sur-Vilaine (35), half of its business consisting of internet marketing and the other, communicative videos and technical drone images. “Above all, you should not enter the drone because it remains above all a tool that must have a clearly defined use to be profitable,” insists the person who has just recruited two work and study students.

To finally take off, courses are offered approved from €990 including taxes (eligible for funding by CPF), with an average duration of at least two weeks which is extended according to the skills of certain occupations: aerial views taken, photogrammetry to three-dimensional building models Dimensions, thermal imaging, etc.

National Federation of Drone Operators and Professionals

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