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Get all the keys to start your digital career

Powered by corporate digitization, which has been boosted with the health crisis, the digital sector is a sector in full expansion that offers great career opportunities. It’s full of exciting careers, whether in technology, marketing, or digital creativity. Jobs are open, which makes it possible to satisfy everyone’s needs, if you want to take on more responsibilities in your position or have the possibility to change professions, or even sectors of activity, throughout your career.

From web and mobile development to community management, including UX and UI design, SEO, SEA, project and data management, cyber security and e-commerce, the digital system is distinguished by the richness of its tasks and projects implemented by professionals in the sector. To implement them, specific, cross-sectional, and even managerial skills will be required of you to develop in the field, regardless of the discipline or specialization you have chosen.

Download the second edition of the mentoring guide for digital careers

To see more clearly in this group of professions, we present to you this guidance guide for 2022, the second edition of which will allow you to see the latest developments in this sector that is developing at a high speed. You can download it now for free and without the need for any personal data. Our goal: to answer your questions so that you have all the cards at hand in order to make the right decision among the different possibilities available to you.

Inventory, careers and schools that train digital professionals of the future

In this orientation guide for 2022, you will discover:

  • A complete overview of the sector: An overview of digital professions, what the digital figure represents in France and around the world in 2022, basic skills to master a career in this sector, salaries for different professions, key figures to know …
  • Focus on symbolic disciplines of the web: Digital Creativity Career, Cyber ​​Security Expert Career, Web Marketing Manager, Application Designer Developer, Community Manager…
  • Presentation of the best digital schools: All of our career offers are accompanied by a description of the organizations, which offer training for each specialty and specialty, with all the courses available to you.

A guide designed with participants in training for digital careers

We have designed this guide to careers in the web in partnership with 5 recognized digital schools: École Multimedia, Aston École Informatique, Digital School of Paris, ifocop and O’clock. We warmly thank the directors, speakers, partners, coaches, students and alumni for their participation!

We hope that our guide will accompany you to help you better understand all the peculiarities of the web, in order to build your own project geared towards digital careers. Download it for free!

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