5 Tips for Successful Digital Marketing for Nonprofits

Are you a non-profit organization looking for ways to improve digital marketing and communication? Here are 5 essential tips!

1) Focus your actions on people. Your marketing and digital communications should be human-centered and personal. To be successful in your mission, you must speak directly to people and create a commitment from them to you. Your emails, events and social networks should therefore be used with this fact in mind. Sharing will be a challenge for you, but the ROI from donations and a sense of belonging is well worth it.

2) generate feelings. When you communicate with your donors, with the media and the people who benefit from your actions, you must generate emotions in order to connect your message to them. Commitment to your organization will be generated through your campaigns and events, of course, but also through the emotions conveyed by your various communications and messages.

The publications that make the most contributions to our organization are those that highlight the experiences of the beneficiaries or media interviews.

Tania Sharon, Bachelor of Science, Executive Director of Action jeunesse de l’Ouest-de-l’Île (AJOI).
Excerpts from the MixWeb book for foundations and nonprofits

3) Think commuting. At this level, you should act like a company; Everything should be adapted to mobile devices (and tablets). Be it your website, emails, promotions, etc. Web traffic is primarily carried out on mobile, so it makes no sense to develop web tools that are not adaptive and optimized for mobile use.

4) Use social networks. Social media is an essential means of communicating with your target audience. Using photos, videos and messages, you will be able to create a real interaction with your community and you will be able to inspire them with lasting feelings. It’s also easy to customize your social media posts using various targeting features.

5) Generate more posts by sharing. The more posts you create, the more you can use this post as a starting point for creating more. The feeling of belonging to a non-profit organization can be very powerful and these super fans can become your best ambassadors. Bet on them!

By applying these five tips, you will be able to create a true digital marketing and communications strategy that adapts to your specific needs as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO).

Emily Poirier, President of MixoWeb and author of MixWeb of Foundations and NPOs

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