▷ Brand Design Should Take Back Its Place: 6 Misconceptions

In branding and marketing, design is essential. The first impression that the visual appearance of your brand makes can remain in the public’s memory for a long time and influence their perception of your company for better or worse. But design is not just about designing images and creating unique logos, fonts and designs that make up your brand identity…

Design is the face your work shows to the world

We may forget it, but brand design includes many disciplines:

  • commercial architecture
  • Consumer brands
  • environmental design;
  • sound design;
  • Packaging;
  • retail design;
  • web design…

So design can play an important role, especially in converting your target audience. A great design not only makes the buying process easier and more convenient for your customers, but it provides important and impactful information about all aspects of your business.

Design is, in many ways, the face your work shows to the world. So it’s time to correct some long-held misconceptions for it Consider the design at its fair value Brand building and performance service.

6 design misconceptions

Pascal Feige, founder and CEO of Curios Agency, denounced six false beliefs in order to put the brand’s design further at the center of the reflections and highlight some of the confusion.

Connect the idea of ​​product design to ‘Design’

Design is culturally related to product design, which is natural, as it is the core of design. Additionally, mindsets have evolved in recent years: customers have incorporated the value of brand design into the construction and performance of their brand.

Segmentation of advertising, design and communication

The brand will only be visible and attractive thanks to the advertisement…not really. Advertising, design, and communication are complementary and should contribute to the same outcome. Everything is intertwined, because advertising is design and design is communication.

Limit yourself with a logo and graphic charter

Although essential, it’s only 5% of exercise on the mark. Thus, the logo is not the only vector for expressing the brand: it is part of the universe.

Recreate your website in isolation

For the site to be effective, it embeds a complete strategic reflection of the brand. It is a central crossroads of exchange and communication to access information. So a website redesign should start the (re)establishing procedure and be an integral part of the branding and branding project.

Confusion between brand platform and advertising platform

Here again, these two concepts are complementary and inseparable. A brand is not advertising, but advertising speaks about the brand. One is designed before the other: one with a long-term goal, the other with a short-term goal.

Thinking that a brand book is a graphic charter and vice versa

Calling the charter a brand book is to deny or forget the essence of the brand. The fee charter is a visual rule consolidation tool. On the other hand, the brand book is a strategic tool for visualizing the brand platform that explains the reason for the marks and their meaning.

Design has become a tool for democratization, transformation, facilitation, accessibility and adaptability to uses for all audiences. So the connection can no longer do without it. So it’s time, once again, to consider the design at its fair value.

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