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Experian Marketing Services, which specializes in data quality and customer knowledge, publishes its new white paper, “Email and Cross-Channel Challenges,” to analyze email marketing performance and prospects.

According to a recent study (1), email remains the preferred channel for consumers to receive communications from brands. A factor that should not be overlooked for marketing managers, in the face of the emergence of new technologies. To understand the contributions of email to marketing strategy, specializing in data quality and customer knowledge,
Experian Marketing Services, publishes its new white paper “Email Issues and Cross-Channels”.

Target : Decode 2013 performance and outlook for the coming year. But also analyze best practices in email marketing, thanks to expert and customer testimonials. And if, for several years, Experian Marketing Services has been producing semi-annual studies focused exclusively on France, this new white paper extends the study to Germany and Spain.

Key Indicators Analysis

To conduct its investigation, Experian Marketing Services analyzed 13,000 emails sent by 800 of its customers. Based on several key indicators: Number of unsuccessful emails, average unsubscribe rate, average slot rate or number of campaigns per week. Thus, we know that the average number of campaigns offered by companies is 3.8, mostly on Tuesdays.

Another lesson from the study: France is the champion of opening email (38.49%).
“The decision whether or not to open an email depends on a range of factors that vary from one recipient to another, depending on their appetite, their relationship to the brand as well as the context in which the communication reaches them.”believes Stéphane Martis, director of studies at Experian Marketing Services France.

A behavior that marketers should consider. According to the study, French consumers are the most likely to opt out of email marketing (0.15% compared to 0.11% for Germany and 0.04% for Spain).

Download the white paper from the Experian Marketing Services website.

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