Digital Marketing, a niche rich in opportunities to position the identity for the “Indomitable Lions of Cameroon” brand [Avis d’expert]

[Digital Business Africa – Avis d’expert] In the Piercian and Saussurian approaches, the signifier and the signified, the representative, and the interpreter are intrinsic dualities in decoding symbols and elements of language.
Everything is a sign, depending on the context. In both politics and sports, many analogues are inherent in the Leo seme. The additional quasi-logical symbol or attribute to the noun “indomitable” in context may refer to specific qualities or values ​​such as courage, strength, majesty, determination, ownership, commitment, loyalty, speed, strength, stubbornness, respect and success.

It is therefore important to uphold the character’s values ​​and characteristics of our shared identity. It is this identity that makes or builds our reputation, our bad reputation, our pride, our identity. While arousing respect, admiration and fear.

Puma, a voracious carnivore, similar to a lion, is considered the king of the jungle.
Puma SE is a world-renowned German manufacturer of athletic footwear and other sportswear products founded in 1924 by Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. Based in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria.

The Puma brand is one of the most popular brands in the world. It is synonymous with elegance, fashion and sport. It sponsors more than 30 national football teams in five different FIFA confederations. A key feature of the phenomenal success of Puma is its incredibly effective logo.
The Puma icon is known for its simple style, simplicity, strength and efficiency from all angles.

The Puma symbol was introduced in 1948. Since its inception, it has not undergone any changes. The symbol consists of an image of a jumping puma, a large American cat resembling a lion, who lives in the mountains. Unmatched in agility and agility, the puma is a very strong animal and an expert hunter who can jump very high with ease.

With the addition of this wonderful creature to the symbol, the company combined all the core values ​​and essential aspects of the brand into one strong identity.

The Puma symbol expresses the brand’s ever-evolving trend towards an innovative future and its exceptional dedication. The Puma symbol often appears in a basic black and white color scheme that provides a natural feeling of warmth and has a very attractive print. The Indomitable Lions won titles and successes with the equipment supplier “PUMA”. True story.

Le Coq sportif originally found the rising sun that accompanied it in its initial representations. In 1882 Romilly-sur-Seine in Aube, France, in his textile workshop, Emile Camusé, a sports fanatic, decided to make jersey shirts for his cyclist friends, football player, and rugby player.

Without knowing it, he lays the foundations of a brand that will become legendary on the sports epics that will accompany it. After 140 years, the world of sports through the brand “Le Coq Sportif” has always inspired the innovation of its products.

Creating products for top athletes, a real challenge.. Brand-like products, simple and timeless, that have become a symbol of their heritage. For this brand, the overriding idea is to “give consumers what they need and nothing else”.

Blue, white, and red is a reference to his historical nickname. A sign of the tricolor.” Le Coq Sportif also won the slogan: “The dawn of a new day Thus, the new symbols of the brand express an assertive positive state of mind: every day, victory is possible! French identity, in a nutshell.

It is the current equipment supplier for the Indomitable Black Flag team participating in CAN TOTAL ENERGIES 2021.

Choices and motivations for tokens should be part of the identity’s logical inking, indicated and related. It is not indiscriminate, accidental, ineffective, or for financial or fundamentally corrupt purposes.


This thinking can lay the foundation for the future creation of equipment supplier “The Lion”, in line with our history, values, culture, and true identity references. A choice, preferential on an emotional cognitive level, but also unforgettable for any translator (be it the average Cameroonian, any Cameroonian athlete, or Lions opponents in competition), to infinity, in the sense of Peircien.

One of the goals of our approach at the analytical and futuristic levels is to create a continuum of dialects woven around a true adequacy, in close connection with history and the mark of the “indomitable lions of Cameroon”.

digital marketing, A niche rich in opportunities to locate the identity of the “Indomitable Lions of Cameroon” brand and products derived from the local fabric.
Digital marketing, in our view, is a place to be explored from the perspective of optimal positioning, reference and capturing market shares, particularly in the areas of sports, fashion and culture.

Create a local fabric around products derived from the Indomitable Lions brand and brand identity available both in online specialty stores and in all segments of e-commerce on a global scale.

The “Lee Summit” which has become for many football fans, the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon flag team shirts, from a real marketing strategy that would send a convincing signal to the rest of the world, to loudly raise and clear the label “Indomitable Lions” in individual and collective memories . True national pride. It is reading.

Written by Clavier Etondi,
Researcher, Simio Communications Strategist.

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