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Launched in 2019 by Université Paris Dauphine PSL and IDEAdvanced, the DIESE program is based on one observation: startup managers focus a large part of their energy on developing their offerings, marketing and offshore financing.

On the other hand, the economic and financial management of their operations is often the weak relationship between their priorities, whether it is monitoring break-even, managing WCR, knowing production costs, or even the importance of their own accounting. but better Successful control of its internal management will also be an effective driver of its developmentand will help drive profitable growth.

To meet this challenge and enable young innovative digital companies to position the economic and financial management of their operations in favor of accelerating their growth, the IDE is offering the 124th cycle Master in Control Auditing M2 and Financial Reporting Paris Dauphine – PSL with Cap Digital in 2021 to present the fourth edition of the DIESE programme.

Who is the DIESE Program for? ?

The DIESE program is open to any small, medium and innovative company in the stage of launch, expansion or expansion. Required companies must express a well-defined need in structuring their economic and financial management strategy and model, such as: aligning their business plan with their growing organization, implementing a safer or more predictable system, analyzing production costs, structuring their financing needs, their reporting forms, WCR, etc.

What do the selected startups benefit from? ?

The ten startups selected during the call for applications launched on January 28, 2022 . will be selected Advance equivalent 15-20 days of student support and counseling at Paris Dauphine University – PSLIt is internationally recognized for the quality of its education in finance and management.

Each selected startup will be accompanied by a group of 3 to 4 students who will carry out their advisory assignments on the company premises, as close to the teams as possible.

At the end of the program, startups will benefit from:

– from one Financial and management advisory reportWritten by students, it details areas for improvement and work with the company’s manager(s).

2022 news

For startups that have demonstrated the robustness and quality of their internal management, Label “ Capital – Management » from Paris Dauphine University – PSL. This designation is a novelty of the 2022 edition of DIESE. It is jointly supported by the House of Entrepreneurship at the University of Paris Dauphine – PSL and aims to give additional recognition to companies that demonstrate sound management. This sesame is based on the validation of 6 criteria resulting from three years of experience in the DIESE programme.

2022 news

– Opportunity to present at the fore Partner Funds From the program during the closing evening of the programme: XAnge, Elaia and Paris Business Angels who have pledged to look first at your funding application files

The main stages of the DIESE program

June 20: Presentation and discussion of the Student Report

July 5: Evening / Cocktail to honor the three best entries with the stadium in front of the investors

Focus on startups selected during previous editions

2021 version: e-Dantes, Collaborative Spirits, EvidenceB, Geosophy, Kalima Systems, Leanspace, Letsplaycloud, Life plus, Caast.tv, Lib & Lou, Tralalère

2020 version: Atipik حلول SolutionsAnd the Built-in acousticsAnd the BipPop (by Django Mesh)And the Diligo SolutionsAnd the in imagoAnd the digital pastryAnd the a picnicAnd the virtsonAnd the Viano And the uscript.

2019 version: Alinto Group, Bubbleways, Cheerz, Domaine des Herbiers, Easiware, Everysens, Inex Circular, Nanomakers, Shokly, Timetonic and Toucan Toco.

About Cap Digital

Cap Digital was established in 2006, which is The first European group of digital innovators. It collects more 1000 members structure Including more than 850 small and medium companies, 70 large companies / ETI / EPIC, more than 70 schools / universities / laboratories as well as 12 investment funds. In December 2019, Cap Digital joined PICOM, the retail division of 120 innovative structures in the merchandising and distribution sector. Thus, Cap Digital is working to make the Ile-de-France and Haute-de-France regions global standards for digital innovation, from an industrial and strategic point of view, in six main sectors: cultural and creative industries; the health ; The Sustainable City Retail; Data, artificial intelligence, education, training, and human resources. The development of research and development, the growth of companies, the communication between its members and their promotion internationally are all tasks to support the creativity and competitiveness of this important industrial sector. With over 3,000 R&D projects received since 2006, including 1,625 rated and 855 funded, Cap Digital has supported nearly €1.8 billion in R&D investment since its inception, including more than €750 million in public aid. . In 2019, Cap Digital companies raised €1 billion, including €723 million raised by companies that benefited from Cap Digital support.


About Paris Dauphine University – PSL & CARF Master – Audit Control and Financial Reporting

Students of the 124th cycle of Master 2 Control Audit and Financial Reporting train future specialists in the work of personalities (external and internal auditing, management control, accounting, etc.).

They do the second year of their master’s almost exclusively in a work-study program in audit firms or in financial or audit departments.

They are curious, innovative and want to apply their expertise and knowledge from highly regulated sectors of finance to more innovative environments and less standardized demands such as startups.

Linkedin page of the CARF Master presentation for the CARF Master program on the University of Paris Dauphine – PSL . website

About IDEAdvanced

IDEAdvanced is a consulting firm headed by MC Rieul, whose mission is to accelerate business growth projects. IDEAdvanced offers innovative approaches and methods in sales and marketing, from strategic planning to operations and training, to move from goals to business realities.

6 levels of intervention allow us to support our clients with pragmatism and consistency: ? Establish and/or transform business models®? A strategy to reach and distribute target markets®? Sales Systems ® (management method of business organizations and methods of sale),? Lead Generation Marketing? Commercial Patch ®? Structuring a presentation for investors.

IDEAdvanced has been classified as an expert in these areas by BPI, CAP Digital, and XAnge/Siparex.

Creativity – Expertise – Accuracy – Interdependence – Pragmatism – Results Culture


About XAnge

XAnge is an early stage investment fund with management of €500 million, headquartered in Paris and Munich. Its investment team supports European entrepreneurs aiming to transform everyday life through technology, by investing amounts between €500,000 and €10 million from the start-up stage. With an investment thesis focused on bringing technology to as many people as possible, XAnge invests in the deeptech, healthcare, fintech, SaaS, and e-commerce sectors. XAnge support, for example, Lydia (Finance), Welcome to Jungle (Human Resources), Believe (Music), MrSpex (E-commerce) and Ledger (Cryptocurrency). XAnge is the innovative brand of the Siparex group. www.xange.vc

from Elaia

Elaia is a European Tier 1 venture capital firm with a strong technical DNA. We support technology disruptors with global ambition from early stage to growth development. For the past 19 years, our commitment has been to deliver high performance with values. We are proud to be an active partner in over 100 startups including success stories such as Criteo (Nasdaq), Orchestra Networks (acquired by Tibco), Volterra (acquired by F5), Mirakl (worth $3.5 billion in Series E), Shift Technology ($1 billion+ in Series D). www.elaia.com

About Business Angels in Paris

With 185 member active investors and mentors, Paris Business Angels is one of the leading networks for funding startups. As a generalist, Paris Business Angels intervenes in funding rounds ranging from €200,000 to €3 million, alone or in a co-investment. Half of members’ investments are in digital, and 2/3 in technology companies in the broad sense. Paris Business Angels members provide entrepreneurs with funding, but not only: they volunteer to provide them with their personal experience and networks. In short: invest and invest! www.parisbusinessangels.com

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