▷ Working Independently in Internet Marketing: 6 Key Steps

According to Malt’s scale of freelance work rates, online freelancers are among the best paid self-employed with an average daily rate of €590. It is clear that salary is not the only advantage of freelancing when you are an expert in internet marketing. You can also gain more freedom and flexibility or simply get rid of your boss…

But to be an independent expert in Internet Marketing, it is not enough to have knowledge and skills in Internet Marketing…

You must also train, find your clients, and manage your legal situation. Yes, even if you are the only one involved in this business!

In this article, discover the six key steps so you don’t miss launching your freelance business.

Step 1 – Practice before starting as a freelance web marketer

Before you start your freelance internet marketing business, make sure you have enough background. In fact, once you are faced with the tasks assigned to you by your clients, you will need to be able to draw on a solid foundation of knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

There are several options for this:

  • give priority to general training offered by a business school or a school specializing in the digital field;
  • Follow short specialized training in a specific field (eg growth training for growth careers, training provided by the Peronnet brothers in SEO, etc.);
  • Complete your training with online courses (on Udemy, OpenClassrooms, etc.)
Growth Hacking Training Overview Provided by Growth . Training

Step 2 – Create a Web Marketing Expert Presentation

Before going to attract customers, it is recommended to start by defining your offer. In other words, what are you going to offer to your potential customers.

To do this, you must accurately specify:

  • Suggested experience. At this point, you will have to identify the topics that you are interfering with. If you choose a certain experience, you will likely be able to justify the higher prices. But you may find it difficult to find clients. And vice versa if you choose public positioning.
  • Define your own positioning. Are you targeting large corporate clients? Small and medium-sized companies? Are you targeting companies close to you geographically? Do you agree to intervene remotely?
  • Your tariffs. Concretely, at this point, you will have to decide your billing method (daily or fixed rate) and billing amount.

To help you determine your rates, you can start by calculating the average daily rate, or ADR.

Screenshot of a text-writing website. This freelancer chose a very clear niche.

Step 3 – Choose Your Standalone Mode

To work as a freelancer, you must carry out your independent activity within a legal framework. Then the question of choosing a legal status arises. Among the solutions most suitable for your activity as an independent web marketer, there are three main options:

  • small project
  • the society ;
  • pay wages.

small projects

Small projects are very popular among online marketers.

And for good reason as it has many advantages:

  • The registration process is very simple and free.
  • Operating rules are easily understood. All you have to do is register on the portal and announce your turnover on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the frequency chosen.
  • If you have zero turnover, you declare it, but you don’t pay any fees.

However, the simplicity of this system has a counterpart:

  • The case is associated with a turnover cap. Freelance work in Internet marketing falls under the provision of services. Therefore, the threshold was set at 72,600 euros. In addition to this amount, you can no longer benefit from self-entrepreneur status, you must create a company or join a transfer company.
  • On the other hand, in a small organization, you cannot deduct your expenses from the scale of your business. Office rental, purchase of equipment, tools and software, and many more expenses that do not reduce the basis for calculating your taxes and fees.

trading company

To get around these limits, you can also create a single-member SARL corporation (EURL) or a single-member SAS corporation (SASU).

But the procedures will be more complicated. In particular, you will need:

  • Write the ordinances.
  • capital deposit (1 euro minimum);
  • Publication of the business creation notice in the Journal of Legal Notices;
  • Submit an application for registration at the court office.

In addition, accounting obligations are present. You will have to implement an annual budget, pay corporate tax, etc.

The key is the ability to deduct your expenses, combine forces and hire, or take advantage of greater freedom in managing your paycheck.

pay wages

You can also choose a wage portage to practice as a freelance web marketer. In this case, it is the all-in-one company that handles all your administrative procedures, keeping track of your bills, declaring your work number, etc. In return, the umbrella company takes a percentage of your sales.

Portage has many advantages for freelance internet marketing users:

  • Administrative simplicity
  • Pay slips and perpetual contract (which greatly simplifies things when you want to rent a home or get a mortgage);
  • Unemployment in the event of cessation of self-employment;

On the other hand, the status does not allow for employment and involves higher fees than in a small enterprise.

Step 4 – Find the first customers

Once you have completed all the administrative procedures, you are ready to work with your first clients.

But you still have to find them.

To do this, you can count on:

  • Freelance platforms such as Malt or Crème de la Crème that are popular for web marketing profiles;
  • social networks, in particular LinkedIn, to improve your bad reputation;
  • a site offering your services;
  • content strategies;
  • prospecting by email;
  • etc.

Finding independent clients is definitely a big concern. Feel free to develop a sustainable strategy that will allow you to attract customers regularly.

Freelancer Profile for Online Marketing on Malt . Platform

To facilitate the search, it is also recommended to create a wallet. The latter will introduce your marketing projects and help reassure your future clients about your expertise.

Step 5 – Start Your Web Marketing Tasks

Your first contracts signed, you can start your online marketing missions. Congratulation !

Rigor, organization and client communication are the key words for a successful collaboration.

Remember to set up a clear onboarding process to welcome your new customers. For example, you can provide a custom welcome message, a video tutorial explaining how to get started with the tools you give them to collaborate (Trello, Notion, Click-Up, etc) or send a welcome gift.

At the end of the assignment, you can ask them for an opinion or testimonial that you can provide to convince others to trust you.

Step 6 – Bill your services

For billing for web marketing tasks, you have several options:

  • Pay a deposit upon signing the estimate and then pay the balance at the end of the assignment;
  • full service payment in advance;
  • Settlement in installments
  • monthly fee;
  • etc.

Whichever solution you choose, keep a close eye on your accounts and cash flow. The more time you give your customers to pay you, the more stress they put on your money.

The ideal way to do this is to use an invoicing tool that allows you to adjust quotes and invoices, but also to follow regulations.

Screenshot of the freebe.me accounting software designed for the self-employed

We have reached the end of the six stages!

six Key Steps to Getting Started as a Freelance Web Marketer Thus they are:

  1. Is formed ;
  2. create a clear presentation;
  3. selection of legal status;
  4. searching for its first clients;
  5. Start your online marketing errands;
  6. billing its services.

For the rest of your entrepreneurial adventure, you can retain your customers by offering them frequent services. You can also search for other clients to replace completed tasks and increase your turnover.

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