▷ Events and metaverse, opportunities to event?

The pandemic has revolutionized the way we design, organize, and experience an event. The next stage is in the pipeline, by metaversethis technology has the potential to revolutionize the juvenile sector – but also our lives. What will be the opportunities for the event sector ? Let’s review the first stock…

The metaverse is a three-dimensional space.

Linguistically, the word “meta” means ” behind and “to” denotes the word ” Universe So the metaverse would be a “beyond universe” or parallel universe.

So the metaverse represents the 3D internet. It itself consists of virtual spaces where users are represented by an avatar and can work, play, trade and socialize.

L ‘interaction And the immersion are the keys to the metaverse experience.

The purpose of the metaverse is to make the user experience a sensory and perceptual activity in a world that can be fictional or simulate the real world. In fact, these virtual universes must provide him with interaction so that he can live an unforgettable experience.

Without interaction, users would be in the “flat” Internet as we know it.

In the metaverse, it is possible to offer an exceptional immersive experience.

Thus, users can touch and above all feel objects. These universes are accessed using virtual reality glasses.

To enhance the sensations in this virtual world, innovations make it possible to reproduce the sensations of touch. Take, for example, the tactile glove from Meta. Thus it will be possible to shake hands with a friend and feel the pressure on his wrist!

In addition to immersion and interaction, the following are characteristics of metaverses:


To get into this virtual world, everyone will create their own avatar. An avatar that may or may not resemble the user and will be a clone of himself, even with cool and artificial characteristics that turn the user into a character of his choice.

Many brands are already offering other clothing and accessories to give their avatar an attractive virtual identity.

Avatars are central to the metaverse experience.

virtual home

Each user will have his own space.

This “home” will be a source for virtual experiences.

Like physical IRL land, virtual land can be purchased with cryptocurrency, often for astronomical sums.

Let’s quote a plot of land that sold for over $900,000 in the Decentraland metaverse.

Recently, retailer Carrefour acquired virtual land in the Sandbox platform, without specifying the amount paid or its ambitions in the metaverse.

virtual goods

Just as you buy your virtual home, you come to outfit it with artwork, furniture, books…

Durable Items

The metaverse is a permanent space, unlike online multiplayer games with changing environments. Thus, everything we have in the metaverse will be there permanently: land, house, artwork, vehicles…

instant transfer

Each user can join the metaverse at any time and move to other virtual spaces very easily. Like a URL that allows us to access a web page.

Among the metaverse projects we can find:


Mark Zuckerger explains to us that we will no longer be able to go to facebook (finally Meta) but in its metaverse!


The company just unveiled its mixed reality platform, Mesh. This corporate metaverse will make it possible for you to find yourself in collaborative and participatory experiences.

Epic Games

Epic Games is the creator of the very popular Fortnite, a game that came to prominence in 2020 with a live stream of Travis Scott’s concert in the video game. More than 12 million players attended the event live. The most recent example is the acquisition of studio Harmonixen.

The company just raised several billion dollars to design connected social experiences, thus referring to the concept of metaverses.


Sandbox is a blockchain-based gaming platform, a kind of NFT metaverse.

The company is currently offering fun experiences to be ‘housed’ in virtual locations. These lands can be located on a virtual map.

The Sandbox will host the Warner Musical Theme Park that offers new music experiences to users.


Like Sandbox, Decentraland is an online game that uses blockchain technology.

This platform also provides plots of land that can be traced and verifiable in its virtual world.

Decentraland offers a wide range of possibilities and immersive experiences. Players are transported to a map of approximately 90,000 lands. Users can invest their territory, play different games, take part in events… which makes it one of the most successful crypto-equivalents.

roblox game

Another online game publisher: Roblox. This online gaming platform uses more than 120 million players per month. It is a kind of virtual appearance of real reality. This metaverse consists of building a platform of immersive shared experiences.

We could also mention the OVR platform, the startup Magic Leap.

On the brand side, some are already active on these metaverse platforms, especially luxury brands.

What are the opportunities for the events sector?

immersion metaverse and event

The goal of the event is to bring life-size emotions to the participants and provide them with immersive experiences. Thus, they feel moved.

As we’ve seen, the metaverse gives a very powerful and very realistic sense of immersion, given the right equipment of course.

Thus, metaverses appear to be the next frontier of human interactions with events.

In fact, the metaverse gives the possibility to exist together, which the Internet world does not allow. Certain types of events can experience huge transformations.

They will give a sense of presence. We will be in an environment and more in the foreground.

An event that brings people together and conveys messages.

These messages may be intended to:

  • Notification: conferences and conventions.
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience: meetings, seminars, conferences.
  • Mobilize the staff and strengthen the team spirit: evening, seminars, team building, meeting, junior professional staff;
  • Enhance customer loyalty: evening, open house, company anniversary;
  • New product or collection launch: trade show, fashion show, gala evening, conference, PR, press trip, impact event;
  • create links: evening, seminar, team building, birthday, summer party;
  • Staff recruitment: job dating, conference, forum, exhibition;
  • Entertainment: a festive evening. Summer party, open house…

The metaverse will affect these clusters:

Conferences and conventions

These events will witness severe changes. Participants are accustomed to connecting with brands via social networks – with varying degrees of success. On the metaverse, people will be able to meet brands directly. They will be able to interact with brands and speakers in 3D.

The venue is always a key point in the organization of the event.

Metaverse offers unlimited design possibilities! We can :

  • create an environment around the same theme of the event and design breathtaking decorations;
  • Multiply the number of spaces required;
  • providing lounges for VIP guests to prepare for interventions;
  • VIP reservation spaces.

fashion show

Digital fashion is already a reality within the metaverse.

Today, selling digital clothing, accessories, and decorative items is a reality for many brands.

In fact, people like to wear the most fashionable and unique clothes with their avatars in order to navigate these virtual worlds. Note that the use of NFT codes for these purchases gives more value to these exclusive digital combinations.

Brands can thus reproduce virtual copies of their physical stores as Ralph Lauren just realized on the Korean metaverse Zepeto, the brand’s new Eldorado as confirmed by the company. In fact, the metaverse is a place for the audience that provides opportunities for expansion and visibility.

Organizing a fashion show can promote the brand more quickly and reach an international audience in a place where users are highly engaged.

As with conferences, fashion shows in the metaverse will provide new interactions with the brand and its creator.

Business meetings and conventions

The pandemic has already revolutionized the way we gather, particularly business meetings, appointments, and other conferences.

Today, we all suffer from “zoom fatigue” or “team fatigue.”

The metaverse will transform these events. Finally we will have the impression that we are present at the event and not just following it from our computer or mobile phone. Once again, participants will be able to interact with other existing avatars. And on top of all that, they will no longer suffer from PowerPoint broadcasts that have little impact. They will be on show, opening the doors for us to design powerful and interactive content!


The music industry is also in deep turmoil.

We’ve talked about it before, Travis Scott’s party at the heart of Fortnite was a real hit. Millions of spectators watched the artist’s performance.

Many trials have been done recently without always achieving exceptional results.

The important thing for a concert in the metaverse is to make the participants feel the emotions. They should feel like they are in the digital world – not in front of a screen. The spectator must “live the concert” and present himself in the artist’s world.

Immerging users in a virtual space will be our challenge to organize our next concert in the metaverse.

The possibilities of the event sector metaverse are endless.

It would be possible:

  • Experiment with new products as they are released in 3D. and suggest use cases in virtual reality. Even troubleshooting sessions;
  • installation of participants of a conference on the universe in the middle of galaxies;
  • Have them discover an artist gallery in a historic setting;
  • creation of a music park;
  • organization of an open day in future buildings that have not yet been built;
  • Presenting team building activities in a company built garden…

A new era for our events

The Metaverse opens unexpected doors and new horizons for all events, from the most professional to the most festive.

All clusters are affected.

This new 3D dimension will allow us to create exceptional and unique. Simply put, it will allow us to break the usual limitations.

This is an opportunity to deliver immersive experiences like never before, to bring emotions like no other, and to deliver powerful interactive brand experiences! Subject to efficient and comfortable equipment, coherent and authentic storytelling.

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