▷ 8 Best Practices to Follow for Successful TikTok Ads

For several months now, the social network TikTok has been one of the most popular. In France alone, TikTok has more than 11 million active users who communicate several times a day. At the end of 2019, TikTok is publishing its own ad network and providing brands and companies with the ability to advertise on the network. There are many formats, ad placements, and visual effects. Furthermore, advertisers can rely on user interaction to increase ad results…

In fact, the latter easily gives way to advertisers’ games by reusing their content or by participating in brand contests. This behavior is not often observed on other social networks.

Simply put, all the components are positioned to allow brands and companies to achieve their marketing goals through advertising on TikTok.

However, collecting all the components is not enough. You still need to know and master the recipe for creating successful TikTok ads.

In this article, we share 8 best practices to follow for successful TikTok ads.

1. Start your ads with an attractive visual element

This advice appeals to human nature. We love to see beautiful things!

On TikTok, content scrolls at full speed: as soon as you finish your video, another takes over, not to mention that users are used to browsing social networks and “scrolling” in search of content that interests them. Making your ads aesthetically pleasing from the start is a surefire way to grab a user’s attention and keep them engaged.

So try adding a visual that grabs attention using bright colors or text on the screen.

2. Prefer short TikTok ads

TikTok users do not use this social network to watch long and informative videos. They browse the social network to view content that is entertaining, dynamic and lively.

This is also the reason why video lengths on TikTok are limited to 60 seconds. However, don’t get me wrong by making 60-second videos, that’s way too long for ads on TikTok.

Prefer shorter videos, between 9 and 15 seconds, for example. Keep in mind that your ad should be clear and concise and only share basic information about your offer.

3. Add captions to your ad

If the visual elements are important in the video, then the audio elements are just as important. However, sometimes users do not turn on the volume while playing the video. For example, this could be the case of a user browsing TikTok during their bus trip.

In this context, if a user views your ad without sound, they may not understand the meaning. Moreover, the user may skip your video without paying attention to it.

For this reason, it is worth adding captions to your ads to attract users in the best possible way.

4. Add a music track to your TikTok ads

Adding a piece of music to your ads makes them more interesting overall and helps attract more users.

Just make sure to keep the volume of the music in the background so it doesn’t overpower the other important audio elements of your ad.

5. Add descriptions for your TikTok ads

Let’s say your ad is created. Moreover, it respects all good practices of attractive advertising.

However, you cannot count on everyone who will be affected by your ad to watch it through to the end. And that, even if it only lasted 15 seconds.

To bypass this, we recommend adding a brief description. This description should be a short text of your video, so that the user can understand the content without even watching it.

If the number of characters allows, we recommend that you also add marketing elements to your description: your USP, or even a call to action.

6. Create TikTok ads in vertical format

TikTok is optimized for use on smartphones. This means that while horizontal videos are allowed, vertical videos are much more interesting.

Creating vertical videos allows you to present a more professional video to the users. Depending on its context, it could even be interpreted as an “organic” video, which tends to yield more interesting results.

In addition, the vertical layout will certainly allow you to add your translations or other relevant text (or visual) elements to promote your offer.

7. Center the important elements of your TikTok ad

This reminder may seem trivial. However, many content creators and advertisers still ignore this principle.

When your video is broadcast on TikTok, the platform-specific elements are displayed: a share button, like a button, a piece of music playing…

These elements can obscure the outer edges of your ad.

For this reason, remember to keep all the important elements of your ad close to the center.

You can also import your video ad into a TikTok form to ensure all elements are distributed correctly.

8. Include a compelling call to action

A good call to action is one of the essential elements of advertising on social media.

If the user sees your ad, he will be notified of your offer. However, this is not only what you expect from him, you definitely want him to do something: visit your site, make a purchase, request additional information …

Your call to action will let them know what else they need to do after seeing your ad.

Calls to action don’t have to be fancy. It could simply be a button that says “Buy Now,” “Learn More,” or “Get Started.”


You now have many new chains to bow to success on TikTok. Mastering TikTok ads mostly comes with practice. Start creating your new ad now by following the 8 best practices above.

However, mastering the best practices will not be enough to create successful campaigns. You still need to know the details of TikTok ads.

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