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Montpellier Business School (MBS) is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2022. An opportunity for Herault Business School to launch a suite of educational innovations for the Grande Ecole (PGE) programme, as part of its 2020-2025 strategic plan. Proof that he knows how to constantly renew himself, to best meet the challenges of today’s and future business.

New and innovative courses

“The year 2022-2023 will open many innovative courses available to PGE3 students, created in partnership with companies and validated with certificates,” said Pierre-Emile Ramauger, Director of Development and Corporate Relations at MBS. Among these new features, Marketing specializations in distinct industries, with Hermès; sustainable financing, together with the funders of the Autorité des marchés; Air transport management and marketing jointly with Air France and Airbus. Management and Entrepreneurship in the Social and Solidarity Economy, in association with the Yunus Center, a research center dedicated to microcredit and sustainable finance hosted by the School and chaired by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus; Managing Environmental and Solidarity Transformation Projects, with the COAST Chair; Microsoft Cert Development, for Low Code…but also Wine Business Development, with Sup Agro Montpellier. In addition to this is a dual-degree course “Financial Control Audit”. “Altogether, MBS has about a hundred degrees or double degrees, between MSC, certificates, and MBA or international masters,” defines Pierre-Emile Ramauger.

Environmental and ethical values ​​are at the core of learning

True to its motto “Train for Transformation,” MBS is also well-established in imparting firm human and moral values ​​to its students. “MBS is one of the top management schools with the highest number of specialized courses and courses dedicated to corporate social and environmental responsibility topics,” notes Pierre-Emil Ramauger. Students also have access to many customized challenges and events. Pierre-Emile Ramauger stated: “This year, we are opening a partnership with La Fresque du Climat. An event aimed at educating students, in a fun way, about their responsibilities as future managers and the levers they will have to support this transformation. This dimension of CSR is also present in The Research Department of MBS, as well as in the Sustainability Lab, an idea lab dedicated to the position of Responsible Director.Social-environmental commitment also manifested in great social openness: the school comprises 32% of scholarship holders and more than half of the students meet the social criteria of modest origin.

Strong and ambitious international dimension

Another peculiarity of MBS students: more than 1,000 (nearly a third of the workforce) are international, from more than 70 different nationalities. This is also the case for six researchers and teachers out of ten. A holder of the three credits EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB (a privilege enjoyed by only a few management schools in the world), MBS has a network of more than 180 institutions of higher learning, in more than 40 countries. Lots of opportunities for minor exchanges, diplomas or internships. Pierre-Emile Ramauger says: “Mobility is highly encouraged, with the aim of providing maximum flexibility in the courses. If desired, a PGE student also spends two years abroad.” MBS courses allow students to study either in French and English or 100% in Shakespeare, Especially in one of the 10 Master of Science degrees: Master in Global Finance, Digital Marketing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for International Business Business… Its 19,000 alumni are spread over 90 countries.

Work and study training, the spearhead of the top recruitment

The third hallmark of Mohammed bin Salman: an employment rate of 93%, with even seven out of ten students recruited before they received their diploma. Assessment is carried out through the strong professionalization of the courses, and in particular through the extensive recourse to rotation. Today this option is chosen by almost all students in M2 and by one out of two students in M1 and M2. “Our peculiarity, is unique among management schools: no limitation of places of access to work and study programmes,” emphasizes Pierre-Emile Ramauger. A system that operates an average of three weeks in the company/week on campus, and is monitored by a career center of 25 employees. Which also offers, throughout the year, a digital platform, JobTeaser, with around 5,000 offers. Business start-up aspirants are not excluded. All PGE3 students follow the joint ‘Entrepreneurship’ module. Those who wish to benefit from training by a confirmed reference. Once graduated, young entrepreneurs can continue to benefit from the support of the school and its incubator, the Entrepreneurship Center, a space dedicated to entrepreneurship support, training and research.=

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Creative and participatory lessons

Workshops, expert-led case studies, flipped classrooms, game sequences… MBS wants to be at the forefront of innovative teaching tools, through its Learning Center. The goal is to train students better by making them more involved in their learning (learning by doing). Before each course, they engage in preparatory work where they must grasp all theoretical concepts. The course is nothing more than a scenario about a management problem or the creation of a project, which the teacher trains.

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