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To maximize the profit of your business, you must convert as many potential customers into customers as possible. To do this, sales teams work hard to convert marketing leads into customers. The task can sometimes be very complicated and there are many exchanges before reaching the potential client’s conversion. To support the maturity of your leads, you should choose the best online marketing channels in order to amplify the visibility of your brand image and develop your business opportunities. Discover the tip of Boost My Mail, an innovative management solution for email signature marketing…

Email signature, effective web marketing lever

What is certain is that during the multiple exchanges between salespeople and all of your employees with your customers, prospects, and partners, emails are sent en masse. On average, an employee sends about 40 emails per day, or a potential email signature vision of 40,000 impressions per month for a 50-person company. However, the capabilities of emails sent by your employees are not used effectively to incite recipients to take action. Email is an opportunity to communicate about your company’s news, to push premium content, and that is, in a non-intrusive way by programming personal email signatures on your collaborators’ emails.

To get started: How do you convince a potential customer to choose your brand? The answer to this question is very simple: send them the right content at the right time, position your brand and your employees – your ambassadors – as experts in your product or service! But how do you self-promote your brand in a non-intrusive and highly visible way while in control of your information?

Our tip: During the email exchange between your employees, distribute an email signature with a custom campaign! Your brand will be more visible, memorable, and a carrier of new business opportunities.

Add banner and call buttonsstock

The email signature is highly visible and positions your employee as a true brand ambassador. It consists of the contact details of the issuer, its identity and the logo of the company it represents. To use an email signature effectively, this information alone is not enough. An email signature is an advertising space in itself. By signing your email, you should encourage the potential client to learn more about your business. To do this, it is necessary to add clickable images (logo, social media icons, etc.) and buttons A call to action to generate interest and engagement. It’s also an opportunity to push premium content, the famous “right at the right time”:

  • white paper or e-book;
  • product or service launch;
  • Online events and seminars;
  • partnership, etc.

The call to action on your email signatures turns it into a real web marketing lever. this Powerful Traffic Generator This allows you to close more deals faster. It is strategically necessary for a company to confirm its expertise in order to reveal its strengths in the face of competition. This is the whole point of the correct use of your email signatures: to redirect your interviewer to web pages that will interest him. Thus you are in control of your brand image and the development of your business opportunities.

KPI analysis and return on investment

Your email signature should become an indicator of your marketing and sales efficiency. Email signature campaigns are part of a file A clear and well thought out inbound marketing strategy. So it is important to analyze your performance in order to improve your results. To do this, you need to be aware of the click rate on your connection and especially on your banners. This can help you identify the type of content that interests recipients in order to adapt to it. The goal is to understand your goal Develop your return on investment.

5 Examples of Email Signatures That Never Fail

We’ll give you the keys to close more leads and retain your customers with 5 infallible email signatures!

1) Email signature in your branding photo

An email signature should reflect the graphic charter and editorial font of your company, it reveals the body and soul of your brand! Depending on your area of ​​expertise, feel free to be creative By creating a file 1 tick on. Don’t try to stick with the classic format if it doesn’t fit your branding style. A creative design or quirky image can set you apart when talking to a potential client.

2) Clean email signature

Simplicity Synonym of efficiency. A clear, uncluttered email signature with one or two call-to-action buttons at a minimum makes it easy to generate traffic by redirecting recipients to strategic links (website, major social network, etc.).

3) Complex email signature

In some industries, such as luxury, an email signature should reflect the sophistication of your brand. Avoid excessive typography and offbeat images and choose to display the dominant color of your charter. In this context, we advise you to bet on plainness. Choose advanced call-to-action buttons and repaint your social network links according to the colors of your graphic charter. The trick is played to seduce even the most demanding customers.

4) dynamic email signature

Do not be afraid to use bright colors. Your signature will stand out more and your information will then be more visible. However, avoid overdoing it. A very colorful email signature tends to give your brand a negative and neglected image. So you have to find the happy medium and Bring dynamism in moderation.

5) Attractive and sexy email signature

Remember, it must be your signature Improve the relationship by e-mail and facilitate communication with your recipients. So enjoy creating it. Make it aesthetic, in your image and motivational by entering, for example, the CTA button that offers online appointment booking.

To create and automatically publish a professional and attractive email signature to all your employees, you don’t need to be a coding expert. In fact, even if creating a unified and consistent email signature for all of your employees can quickly become a time-consuming task, we recommend you to try Boost My Mail tool in order to easily create signatures for all your employees. quickly. A 14-day trial is offered to try the solution without obligation. It’s up to you: Create and create your own email signature with Boost My Mail to boost your brand visibility and news!

Article written in collaboration with Boost My Mail

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