▷ How to transform digital music marketing?

Since the early 2000s, it is no longer necessary to wait for a talent scout to discover you, because the public strives for Discover emerging artists online. Services and features that help find new songs are essential to the music industry in the digital age. today, Any address can be spread viral Through Spotify, YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. Let’s get back to how Digital technology has transformed music marketing...

From radio to broadcasting platforms

Gone are the days when the only way for independent musicians to get their music out was to send CDs to every radio station. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, it is often an artist’s priority to put their latest single in a master playlist on Spotify or Deezer. Broadcasting platforms have changed the game compared to traditional broadcasting upgrades. They can actually push the career of indie artists who are still unknown thanks to the numerous playlists followed by thousands or even millions of subscribers. Being put on one of these playlists can make the track go viral overnight.

The way people consume music has changed in part due to the development of smartphones which have become ubiquitous in our lives. In the past, the consumer used to buy the specific music he wanted. But in recent years, physical album sales have dropped dramatically and brands have been forced to reinvent themselves to figure out how to survive. Music lovers now have paid subscriptions to online streaming platforms on their mobile devices, giving them unlimited access to millions of songs.

The effect of social networks

Created in August 2003, MySpace bridged the gap between a signed musician to the label and a self-produced artist. Soon, musicians from all walks of life flocked to the site. This opened the door to the turmoil he had Huge impact on the music industry.

Before the creation of this social network, music record companies mainly decided which songs would be placed in the ears and in the hands of consumers. With MySpace, artists realized that they could speak directly to the audience without any medium. Especially since the community of this platform was mainly made up of music lovers who are passionate about discovering new talents.

Over time, social networks have become One of the most influential marketing tools in the music industry. In fact, they have allowed music artists from all over the world to launch their careers and become the international stars we know as Justin Bieber, Lily Allen or PNL in France. Today, TikTok has become an essential promotional tool for self-produced musicians and record companies. Many artists see this as an opportunity to introduce their songs and break into the unforgiving world of music.

Word of mouth is still around, but it’s faster and more effective. Where before fans waited for their friends on the phone or saw them to talk about their latest musical discovery, now all they have to do is post or share the latest clip from their favorite band to a story on Instagram. All of these opportunities explain why interacting with fans is now at the heart of the strategy of many artists and music groups.

Promoting music in the hands of artists

With album sales declining, record companies had to change their business models and reinvent their marketing techniques. But the digital revolution has it above all Bringing music back into the hands of artists. Social networks give musicians the ability to advertise their album releases, concert dates, or even promotional products. They no longer rely only on labels to market their music, but they also no longer rely on radio as a means of reaching audiences’ ears. Some musicians even compose songs that directly reference TikTok trends in the hope that it will help them gain more views and followers on the app.

But this revolution also has a downside. It has become necessary to learn how to use social networks effectively so as not to get lost among the many artists on Instagram or TikTok. However, freelance artists do not always have the time or desire to adopt and master these technological tools.

The role of digital marketers in the music industry

As social networks and streaming platforms become such an important factor in an artist’s success, brands and independent musicians often have to do so. Hiring digital marketing professionals, whether to learn how to make the most of digital tools or to capture the attention of Internet users. These professionals are best placed to develop sophisticated digital strategies to ensure the success of artists and their music.

They can for example:

  • Create high-quality content and publish it on social networks at strategic times;
  • Set up Spotify campaigns to increase the popularity of artists and reach new fans;
  • Hire influencers to try to get a song on the ground;
  • determining a paid advertising strategy on social networks in order to reach a specific audience thanks to advanced targeting options;
  • Create new direct marketing models using fan information collected through Spotify for artists or other digital platforms;
  • and other things.

What will the future of digital marketing related to music look like? Artists will definitely continue to innovate online. It is difficult to predict what other opportunities will arise for the growth of the music industry. Only time will prove it.

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