New talents in Dada

hobbies It welcomes four new talents (three in creation and one in advisory service) and leverages two creation talents to go on to win major mandates in recent weeks.

Listed as one of the 150 best places to work in Canada (42And Ranking of the 50 companies with 50 employees or less), with many credits, seven HR marketing mandates for very large companies in progress, many new collaborations since the beginning of the year, two webinars with 160+ participants and owner brand training Shown in June and September, the agency continues to grow exponentially with love and relevance.

Cassandra Gaten (previously self-employed at Le Tanneur, SNCF and June Twenty First) joins the team hobbies as technical director. Holds MA 2 in Technical Guidance and Visual and Digital Communication from Intuit Lab School, Cassandra Nearly ten years of experience. Passionate about texture, consistency, and asymmetry, this Canadian native of Ontario has been coming back strong from her 13 years in France. A multidisciplinary artist and designer, she is the perfect person to complete the team. for him hobbies Walking, getting lost in flea markets, painting and patching.

Marie Provence Saint Ives (formerly Aubainerie, Nomad Junkies, L’incubateur) joins the team hobbies As community manager and editor. She received her BA in Communication Journalism from the University of Quebec in Montreal and is in the process of doing a DESS in Marketing Communications and Brand Management from HEC Montreal. Full of ideas and always looking for the latest trends on social media, Marie Provence He has passion and energy that has allowed him to find his place in the blink of an eye within the team. for him hobbies : Travel, Art History and Pastry.

Federic Fedot (Freelancer, ROSZ, LE CHÂTEAU) joins the team hobbies As a graphic designer. With a DEC in Graphic Design from Dawson College, Federic He is creative at heart. Curious and motivated, he loves to take on challenges while still learning through his professional and personal experiences. The entire studio team is looking forward to collaborating with him on agency projects. for him hobbies : Motorcycles, Travel, Thrill.

Andrian Ferland (formerly BonLook) joins the team hobbies as a consultant. He holds a major in Communication and Media Studies and a degree in Marketing from the University of Quebec in Montreal, Andrian join hobbies Armed with his seven years of experience as a Communications and Public Relations Project Manager. Passionate about social media and always on the lookout for the latest marketing trends, she uses her agility and sense of humor, which are key assets in her new role as a consulting service. for him hobbies : Skateboarding and watching reality TV shows.

To support the growth of Dada’s creative team, the agency has decided to hire Oscar And Oliver, formerly Technical Directors, to Co-DC positions. Experienced creators, they will know how to promote team, projects and brands.

Oscar Kaysak (Former partner Studio de design Sextans), Senior Art Director at hobbies Since October 2020, it is now Co-DC. He holds a Diploma in Graphic Design and Animation/Interactive Technologies from Dawson College and a Diploma in Photography from College Marsan, Oscar He is a complete artist and a true Swiss Army Knife. Of Armenian nationality, but adoptive Quebec, loves cultures, has perfect mastery of four languages ​​and draws great inspiration from them. Since arriving in Dada, Oscar She has worked on brand images for Lassonde, Médicus, La Cage, Ékorce, Auclair and Conseil québécois de la musique. for him hobbies : racing, fashion and making his teammates laugh like his three daughters.

Olivier Ryland Nadeau (DenstuBos, formerly TP1), Technical Director at hobbies Since June 2020, it is now Co-DC. Graduated in Graphic Design at Cégep Marie-Victorin and recognized in the field, particularly in Boomerang, Numix, Design Edge Canada and Créa, Oliver He is an artist at heart fascinated by beauty and precision. As Artistic Director, he has contributed to brand platforms for Nikon, Axelys, Bota Bota, Desjardins Assurances, Unibroue, Transat, Manuvie and many more. for him hobbies : Art, coffee, and puns.

The whole team of hobbies Congratulation Oscar And Oliver to be promoted and welcomed Cassandra, Marie Provence, Federic And Andrian.

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