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role in the organization
The incumbent is responsible for the integrity and proper functioning of digital tools and interfaces. Provides leadership on tasks related to production, integration, and quality assurance of digital solutions.

Main responsibilities/activities

  • Ensures maintenance, development and good performance of the selected solutions. Serves as an expert for managing and deploying digital solutions. Ensures that digital platforms are updated, necessary changes and improvements are made and ensures the development of the functionality of the digital tools of the system;
  • Manages the content management aspects of websites and microsites. Ensures integration of different contents, development of special elements and custom functions. Solves functional problems, participates in maintenance and updates or communicates with relevant teams or with external suppliers;
  • Participates in the development of digital projects and communicates with service providers. Interview teams, analyze needs, convert them into technical and functional specifications, estimate benefits and recommend the most appropriate solutions;
  • Map user journeys and usage scenarios that can aid in the development of models and prototypes. Assist in the production and implementation of design and usability tests by iteration in order to validate and improve the functionality, behavior and reliability of the developed models;
  • Contributes to the development and implementation of test emails resulting from user experience improvement pathways. Ensures recovery and sharing of data used to analyze results and implement the resulting digital strategy;
  • Seeks to meet various needs related to data presentation and statistical reports for websites and other electronic platforms, in collaboration with relevant teams. Adds, edits and maintains tracking codes;
  • Ensures integrity and smooth operations in the email marketing platform. Participates in email campaigns and sends mass mailings. Ensures implementation of advanced functions and adaptation of certain correspondences. Set up and make available settings and templates for submissions made by other users. Writes and improves documentation and trains users;
  • Ensure maintenance and archiving of platforms. Contributes to the operation and health of the member/customer data ecosystem. Ensures compliance with web standards and best practices, content accessibility, multi-device compatibility, and search engine optimization. In this sense, it ensures the quality of digital channels, tools and platforms of the order at a functional level;
  • Provides his line manager with a continuous supply of information, ideas, recommendations and advice that will improve good digital practices and use of various platforms.

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