Dash Hudson has joined the TikTok Marketing Affiliate Program

Dash Hudson’s TikTok solution empowers brands to thrive in the new era of digital entertainment

New YorkAnd 26 May 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Dash Hudson is pleased to announce that TikTok has selected the world’s leading social marketing software solution as the founding partner in its content marketing specialty, enabling the development of three groundbreaking proprietary tools essential for brands to manage their TikTok strategy and succeed on the platform.

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“At TikTok, we are always looking for solutions that make it easier for brands to develop high-quality content that engages their communities,” he said. Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships at TikTok. “We are thrilled to welcome our new content marketing partners to the TikTok Marketing Partner Program, and to collaborate with some of the most trusted partners in the industry. These partners will provide marketers with simple and effective tools to help them publish content regularly, gather valuable performance insights, and engage meaningfully with their communities. »

The way audiences want to connect with brands online has evolved significantly, moving away from the traditional social media model to the world of digital entertainment.

Thomas RankinD., co-founder and CEO of Dash Hudson, describes digital entertainment as “the product of the collision between technology and culture.” In this new dimension, access is no longer restricted by the size of a person’s network, but rather is driven by the power of shared content. This model allows marketers to get back to what they do best: Be Creative – Hudson Dash is the only solution on the market that bridges the gap between creativity and data.

“TikTok is entertainment. This solution has revolutionized the way digital marketers communicate with consumers and is at the heart of the concerns of the CEOs and CMOs we work with. Dash Hudson’s in-depth insights give brands the confidence to continue increasing their investment in short videos.” Thomas Rankin, co-founder and CEO of Dash Hudson. “TikTok is an opportunity for brands to get transformed, play and build new communities. We are excited to work alongside the TikTok team to help leading brands and retailers create videos that entertain and bring joy to consumers around the world.”

Designed to unleash the magic of the entertainment platform, Dash Hudson’s solution leveraged the TikTok API to launch from mission Analyze and publish videos and community management that provide the tools marketers need to improve their performance. In addition to the API, Dash Hudson is also announcing the release of three groundbreaking, brand-exclusive tools to drive engagement and discovery: Entertainment Score, Hot Video Notifications, and Hot Sounds.

The result entertainment

The result Dash Hudson’s exclusive entertainment allows brands to gauge how well their TikTok video entertainment is at entertaining their audience, allowing them to focus on what works to drive the most value for their business.

trending video notifications

Exclusive to Dash Hudson, Hot Video Notifications will allow brands to develop a deep understanding of TikToks that is gaining momentum, so they can take quick action on top performing content, whether owned or paid.

sounds Fashion

A game-changing feature that brings together the hottest and most promising vocal trends on TikTok, Dash Hudson’s Hot Voices helps brands ahead of the competition by finding the most relevant and creative moments. With this feature, brands also get instant context on how a particular voice is used by other creators, giving them the intelligence to act quickly.

With the industry’s marked shift towards video streams and the community’s growing preference for short, animated videos, brands have a rare opportunity to rethink their marketing efforts. Today’s announcement of Dash Hudson’s partnership with TikTok enabled the leader of social marketing programs to deliver innovation to support the world’s largest brands in their transition to creating entertainment focused content.

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About Dash Hudson

Dash Hudson was founded in 2015 with the goal of enabling brands to increase engagement through photos and video. Today, the global leader in social marketing software helps companies like Condé Nast, Apple, and Unilever unleash their creative superpowers and take their strategies to the speed of social media. Dash Hudson is changing gears by predicting photo and video performance, analyzing trends, and accelerating brand growth across social media, entertainment and e-commerce channels.

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About the Marketing Partner Program

The TikTok Marketing Partner Program is a community of carefully selected and innovative third-party technology and service companies that enable marketers to get started, develop their strategy, and discover repeat success. TikTok awards badges to partners with diverse industry experience and a proven track record on TikTok in creativity, measurement, and campaign management (management campaign), effects, sound and commerce.

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Dash Hudson Social Marketing Program

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