A smart service company was born in Al Hoceima thanks to INDH

Thursday, May 26, 2022 at 12:22 pm

Al Hoceima – The National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) in Al Hoceima has allowed many promising and innovative projects to see the light of day and find a place for themselves in the provincial market and elsewhere.

Among the experimental and innovative projects that have emerged as part of the “Income Improvement and Economic Integration of Youth” program, in particular its focus on supporting the social and solidarity economy, is the “Al-Haqouni Smart Services” company, headquartered in Beni Bouayach in the Al Hoceima governorate.

Created and brilliantly managed by Mohamed El Hakouni, an ambitious young man with a Diploma in Specialized Higher Education (DESS) in Business Intelligence from the National School of Applied Sciences (ENSA) in Tangiers, this company, which has been providing its services since April 2021, initially relied on its own resources .

In a statement to M24, the continuous news TV channel MAP, the young entrepreneur, who also received a master’s degree in computer systems from the Faculty of Science and Technology in Tangiers in 2019, indicated that the company, at that time, focused on digital services, including the creation of websites Electronic and mobile applications, designing production and marketing systems for Moroccan and foreign companies, as well as supporting companies and offering services related to establishing companies and studying projects in addition to administrative services for the benefit of associations and cooperatives.

Mr. Hakouni, who has accumulated a lot of experience in the fields of e-commerce, computer systems and printing, welcomed the support provided by INDH to his company, which enabled him to expand its activities to include marketing and digital printing, advertising and new services such as creating marketing videos for companies and professionals in Al Hoceima Governorate and others.

This project required a total budget of 167,000 dirhams, including 100,000 dirhams (60%) as a contribution from the National Initiative for Human Development and 42,000 dirhams from the Intilaaqah program, while the remaining amount was mobilized by the promoter of this project, resulting in 3 direct jobs and 4 indirect jobs.

This young entrepreneur indicated that his company has advanced equipment, in particular, developed computers and machines for various types of printing, and receives throughout the year orders from Morocco and abroad, stressing that the distribution of tasks among company members takes place in complete fluidity thanks to an internal digital platform for administrative management and communication.

He added that in addition to digital services and e-marketing, the company works in the field of printing, especially by producing various types of billboards and thermal printing on T-shirts, cups, medals and hats, as well as creating business cards and all kinds of professional cards.

Eager to contribute to the promotion of training and continuing education, the company receives, from time to time, in its training room, trainee students from ENSA, FST of Al Hoceima and OFPPT, to develop their capabilities and expertise in the fields of information technology and economics, indicating that There are other training courses offered for professionals.

Work is also well underway for the upcoming launch of a digital platform, which provides services to all professionals and ensures they are supported in their professional processes.

Indeed, “Elhakouni Smart Services” is a role model for many startups hoping to find a place in the regional and national market, as well as for young people who want to turn their ideas into businesses, contributing to the promotion of economic and social development.

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