What are the benefits of digital signage?

Digital signage is an increasingly popular communication tool for businesses. What is it exactly? What are the advantages? What are the different options? our answers.

What is digital signage?

The digital display, also called dynamic display or digital display, consists of Broadcast multimedia content over a media network distributed in public places. Messages are broadcast in real time, remotely and thus can be better understood by consumers. It can be text information, photos, videos, or even illustrations. Whatever format is chosen, the system rests on three pillars: the monitor (or display player), the player, and the content management software.

dynamic banners is a fileOne of the key parts of digital transformation for stores and businesses. It is by definition opposed to the traditional bulletin board where messages are broadcast statically. In fact, the entire challenge is to spread an engaging and captivating discourse to the audience.

What are digital signage solutions?

Digital signage solutions are plural. These could be professional displays, video walls, interactive stations, or even TV or computer screens. These display brackets can be placed indoors (in stores, shop windows, businesses, etc.) or outdoors (on giant display panels, at bus stops, etc.). Choosing a digital signage solution depends on the company’s needs, goals, and budget.

Moreover, it is important to Choose your support according to the situation of the target audience (Purchase status, pending or in transit). Then the effect of dynamic screens increases significantly. For example, a “Point Of Transit” display (in a window, at a station, etc.) reaches a moving audience. So it is recommended to send a short and strong message to grab his attention and get his attention. For their part, the “POS” displays on the shelves enrich the customer experience, increase traffic and, in turn, sales. Finally, the “Point Of Wait” content allows consumers to wait with pleasure and reduces the feeling of waiting. Note that the ideal solution is to mix communication types.

Benefits of digital signage

The benefits of digital signage are numerous. It is first and foremostAttractive and modern communication tool. Its lively content is more likely to grab and hold the attention of the target audience compared to a traditional presentation. Dynamic display also allows Publish multiple and configurable information. Content updates are instant and the data stream can therefore be modified in real time. Screens installed within the company can also be used to share information internally (bylaws, schedules, subject awareness, etc.).

Finally, creating a digital screen is Accessible to everyone. Various programs allow you to imagine and design impactful presentations. This tool also allows companies to reduce their consumption of paper and printing ink, which is a first step in preserving the environment.

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