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Stuff / Glitter Won the title of Digital Advertising Agency for Brands in The Old Port of Montreal Company For the next four years, after a competitive bidding process.

an agency Stuff / Glitter He will be primarily responsible for the design and implementation of innovative strategies and digital advertising campaigns for the Montreal Science Center, IMAX and the Old Port of Montreal.

For the first time, we invited a specialized agency that works strictly in the digital sphere to support us in creating and developing digital strategies. We are very proud to be able to count on your solid experience Stuff / Glitter In order to develop innovative campaigns adapted to the needs The Old Port of Montreal Company‘, pointed Natalie CareerMarketing and Commercial Relations Manager at The Old Port of Montreal Company.

Furthermore it, Stuff / Glitter You will have to analyze the strategies in place, make strategic recommendations, produce digital creative materials, conceptualize digital campaigns, plan and buy digital placements and improve campaigns on an ongoing basis on behalf of association. for several campaigns, Stuff / Glitter will work in cooperation with the groupCreative and media agency Old Port Associationwas recently selected after the RFP process.

“It is a great opportunity to collaborate with her Stuff / Glitter In order to create creative content and successful campaigns, we are very pleased to be able to participate in it”, states Nicholas SylvanVP Creative at the group.

“It’s homecoming Stuff / Glitterafter the first cooperation with Old Port Association In 2015-2016, and with great pleasure on the occasion of our 10th anniversary, we will be able to work as a digital advertising agency for The Old Port of Montreal Company for the next four years” brunet cloudsfounder and president Stuff / Glitter.

From May 12 to September 5, the Montreal Science Center is launching a digital campaign showcasing its stellar activities for the season: Exhibit The Science Behind World Records, a production of Science North in partnership with Guinness World Records, Ripley Entertainment and IMAX®TELUS Film Sea Lions 3D.

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