In Nice, an exhibition dedicated to NFT presents immaterial digital works

Intangible digital business pose A booming market shakes the art world. Galleries specializing in this field proliferate in France, and one of them has just opened its doors in Nice.

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NFT wave is hard to miss. The notOn replaceable icons where Irreplaceable icons They are unique digital artworks. Videos, animated paintings, drawing, the painting is extensive. This phenomenon is of the magnitude that art galleries are devoted to NFT It blooms all over the world. after the first New York And in China, such non-traditional fairs are proliferating in France.

In Nice, the city’s first townhouse has opened its doors, ready to conquer this seemingly promising new market. On the walls, paintings gave way to several hanging screens displaying various works.The benefit is that we have a secure, fraud-resistant business that can only be found online in a decentralized database.Claire explains uthe, Exhibition Marketing Manager sliding. Each work is associated with a digital Certificate of Authenticity which makes counterfeiting or theft impossible.

This computer-generated art offers unlimited artistic possibilities unlike traditional techniques such as painting or sculpting. the work NFT It can move and come to life before the curious eyes thanks to technologies that combine 2D and 3D to deliver an immersive display.

American actress is one of the aces Pebblemike Winkleman And his real name. If the artist was somewhat secretive in his early days, his sometimes disturbing works inspired by pop culture and video games are now sold for gold. One of his largest, which collected 5,000 of his works, went for an astronomical sum of $69.3 million at auction. Christie’s in 2021.

Slide Gallery14 rue Droite, Vieux Nice, visit by appointment.

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