The digital transformation of SSR is causing confusion for people

The absence of strategy combined with the risk of losing quality and resources… This is how the SSM summarizes its criticism of the digital transformation of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SSR). The consortium, which according to its own data represents workers in electronic media, discussed the digital transformation of the SSR system at its annual conference on May 20.

The SSM press release notes that SSR employees from all language regions are critical of the fact that Swiss public broadcasting digital projects are progressing in an uncoordinated manner and guided by an unclear national strategy. Participation in the development of the strategy will not be just a pretext, in the words of the union. Additionally, employees question what priority the SSR places on social media. In addition, it is the marketing and distribution departments that dictate the choice of topics to be broadcast.

In its list of demands, the union demands, among other things, “real employee participation in the digital transformation” as well as “a more targeted design of new content for digital channels”.

In its press release, the SSM also denounced cost-saving measures at the expense of employees, including significant staff reductions, hiring freezes and the replacement of lost resources with outsiders. The union is also calling for “training and continuing education measures instead of layoffs” as well as “the unfreezing of hiring instead of outsourcing to outside workers.”

SSR disagrees with critics

After contacting the editorial board, the SSR wrote that it was reading with some surprise the censure and claims from the social partner SSM. “Of course, the transformation phase of the company always involves uncertainty for all employees. But we defend ourselves resolutely against the censure of the state security sector for the existence of “uncoordinated projects” or “the pretense participation of collaborators”. Age groups. A task that requires strategy National and global digital. “However, we respect and test diversity within the company, which is why the responsibility for projects lies with the management of business units in language areas, where the rhythms of their different projects are respected,” defines the SSR.

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