After 3 years of absence, BigBoss Summer Edition released the big game in Greece

Summer Edition by lesBigBoss is an annual event that aims to offer a different experience for business and networking. Held this year in the fifteenth opus.

This new edition of 2022, where Siècle Digital was present for interviews on its Digital Culture podcast, will not only live up to expectations but above all show the entire business community how indispensable this event has become over the years.

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As the organizers explained, “Three days will be enough to unite the 700 decision makers and digital marketing players present, get them to commit and make them live exceptional moments under the Greek sun.”.

In all, 7,000 business meetings took place over the weekend (2 of 10 singles speed dating sessions qualified via matchmaking technique) followed by 1,000 in-depth meetings.

Meet lesBigBoss dating 2022

Singles dating and weekend get-togethers. Credit lesBigBoss

This event is organized in part over the weekend in a summer bubble within a resort, and one of the strengths of this event is based on its setting, which enhances exchanges between decision makers. Hervé Bloch, founder and CEO of lesBigBoss, also specified that 50% of deals are signed outside of meetings. “BigBoss is essential today for me who works at a startup. In an incredible environment where communication is much less formal, I can quickly meet and exchange with a large number of decision makers who have issues that we respond to through our offering.‘,” said Andrea Caporlingua, Head of Advertisers at BeOp.

Same story on the part of the decision makers: “After several years when connectivity has slowed dramatically, for just cause, the Covid issue, reconnecting to an event like Summer of the Big Bosses was a great opportunity. Indeed, within 48 hours, I was able to implement from project briefs and networking that would normally have taken several months. At the end of this investment of time (because even if we are in an ideal place, it still works), I was able to come back with a complete funnel of at least 4 concrete projects that would allow me to speed up the development of my startup” says Pierpaolo Colucci, General Manager.

The common thread for this new edition was Web3. A topic that fascinates brands and intrigues digital marketing professionals for months. In an effort to enlighten the participants, BigBoss organized a useful and inspiring workshop on this topic. In particular, the metaverse, cryptocurrencies, and the development of NFTs are discussed. An exclusive collection of 800 NFTs, with special work for the Summer Edition, was offered for sale during the event.

Among other topics covered, we find key issues such as: Improving the effectiveness of search campaigns using data. The importance of SEO, or implementing an approval management strategy that combines personalization and compliance.

Honoring ceremony and social commitment

The summer version of BigBoss is also the BigBoss Awards. This year, eight winners were crowned in seven business categories to highlight successes, recognize deals, reveal favorite startups and celebrate people. Ceremony accompanied by a jury of 30 digital decision makers headed by Somaya Somaya Hajali, Executive Director of Technology at EME at Sephora. Let’s cite an example: BigBoss Success Award for Service Provider (Most number of signatures since its first post) given to Influence4You. More than 5 years of loyalty and more than 40 deals signed for several million sales.

This new edition will once again affect the morale, as well as the societal aspect. In fact, this weekend was also an opportunity to support the association “Everyone Against Cancer”, founded by Nicolas Rossignol. Existing brands contributed through an in-kind donation in the form of disposal of products or services. During the three days, nearly 10,000 euros were collected and many promises of in-kind donations were made by the brands: communication campaigns provided by partners to the association and material goods to help it in its work in support of sick children and their relatives and health institutions.

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