Every brand, whatever its sector of activity, wants to contact the influencer to define itself and reach its goal effectively. But navigating this complex world of influencer marketing can be difficult and stressful if you don’t have the right contacts or adequate resources…

Are you out of ideas or not at all sure how to do it?

Follow these 9 tips to increase your chances of an influencer using your product and improve your influencer marketing strategy.

  1. If you do not have six or seven personalities to introduce the influencer to work with you and promote your brand, then be prepared to part with a percentage of the company’s shares;
  2. Choose a rising star on social media or a blogger and always be ready to give him gifts. If some influencers only want a few hundred dollars, others will want more. Of course, make sure that what you offer always fits within your budget;
  3. Subscribe to platforms that connect brands and influencers;
  4. Make sure to provide the gift you are sending him well to increase the chances of the influencer being interested in your products;
  5. Bet on your product packaging. Whatever you send, it must correspond to the image and character of the “star”;
  6. If a well-known person visits your store (physical or online), ask them to mention your store on social networks or take a photo (with you) and send it to different platforms;
  7. Do not forget to insert a small card in your package so that the person can easily contact you;
  8. Show that you are socially involved. Connect with those who support a cause that matches your brand’s message and mission;
  9. Finally, pay attention to your image. Avoid bombarding the agent with calls and emails a week after sending your gift. It’s a great way…throw it in the trash!

Although there is no guarantee that your product will end up in the hands of an influencer when introduced, it is still worth it. Don’t forget that a small tweet, photo or post on Instagram or Facebook, for example, can really develop your brand’s reputation and credibility and thus increase your sales.

Your turn now!