What are the conditions for certifying the achievements of your degree?

There are certain conditions for verifying the achievements of his degree. This concerns in particular future students, professionals who want to deepen their knowledge, as well as people in professional retraining or others.

Verification of diploma achievements: on what condition?

The Verification of Acquired Experience (VAE) allows you to obtain part or all of the diploma provided that at least one year of professional experience is demonstrated in relation to the envisaged diploma content. This work must be carried out continuously or not, within the limits of a professional activity, or during initial or continuing training in a professional environment, regardless of the degree of certification required.

Why VAE?

VAE consists of enhancing your professional and non-professional life to obtain a certificate, diploma, or part validation of it. For this, you must certify your skills. Whatever the sector of activity, you will inevitably find a diploma that matches your profile. At ESA Assurances, several diplomas are available:

  • Real estate ;
  • Bank ;
  • affirmation;
  • heritage management;
  • HR ;
  • Digital ;
  • risk;
  • and other things.

Our training courses are available on a work-study basis or in vocational and continuing training. Our teachings have many outlets. Depending on your level of study (BAC + 2, 3, 5), you will be able to choose the job that matches your profile.

Who is required to take a VAE?

Whether you are an employee, a job seeker, or self-employed, you can obtain a certification that matches your skills and take advantage of the benefits that VAE offers. It’s rewarding and saves time, money and energy. All areas are involved: management, information technology, marketing, communications, human resource management, construction, social, environmental, digital, etc.

Know that all experiences, whether professional or non-professional, can be appreciated. VAE matters to all of us. We have accumulated all the achievements during our trip. In short, VAE is an essential way to effectively manage your diploma project.

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