Can You Still Live From Your Blog In 2022? (Thank you covid)

In 2020, wherever you are on this planet, you will likely find yourself in this situation…

You’ve been locked up in a tiny Parisian apartment, Zoom meetings taking place in your T-shirt and pajama pants, while you watch your kids who can’t go to school out of your eyes.

And like many French, I wondered: Is this what I really want?

The idea made its way, until I got to the beginning of the project: creating a blog. You also want to sip cocktails on the beach in Bali and enjoy your 4 hour week. This is beautiful isn’t it?

You rush to talk to your best friend (Google) and are dumbfounded: blogging is dead. At least that’s what a lot of articles (…other blogs!) say on the internet. Medium build. You are too late. although? We’ll see.

While you were making your pajamas bigger…

… Others (eg students) have taken on a new habit: training at home.

From a more global point of view, e-learning has grown exponentially.

It was already a thriving sector: since 2000, the e-learning industry has doubled in size by…9! Just this #1.

In 2020, it weighed nearly $200 billion globally. And in 2025, it is expected to reach nearly $320 billion. And the report from which I took these numbers dates back to February 2020, that is, before the arrival of Covid and before we knew the impact that would be going on.

it’s huge. But if you’re like me, $200 or $320 billion doesn’t mean much to you. Let’s compare.

In 2020, e-learning represented $200 billion. That same year, it was “only” 23.1 billion for the music industry. And in 2019, the movie industry (including Netflix, DVD, and Blue-Ray) reached 101 billion (we won’t take 2020 numbers that are catastrophic and not representative because rooms were closed).

You read correctly. E-learning is an industry that is 8 times larger than music, and twice as large as cinema. Just this #2.

The business school graduate I’m from has drawn a conclusion from these numbers: It is imperative that one position oneself in a robust growth industry that, let’s face it, is (very) heavy.

And once again, these numbers came up before Covid affected our lives as much as it did. However, we know that the pandemic has had a profound impact on education. Therefore, the size of the global e-learning sector should be adjusted upwards.

What is the relationship between e-learning and blogging?

you will tell me “Great Bull, but why are you talking to us about e-learning instead of the future of blogging?”

Because as you will see, selling information products is the most effective way to make money on the web.

By “information product,” I mean the content with which you will help people achieve a goal in an area of ​​interest to them. This comes in several forms:

  • digital books
  • videos;
  • online training;
  • etc.

The idea here is that with a blog, you are going to sell information, a skill, or something else. The buyer will acquire this skill, this information, via his computer. After that, he will swallow this information (or develop his skills) independently at home.

So in e-learning.

Let’s take a little height. To live off your blog, you must have a profitable blog. And to make your blog profitable, you have to sell something there. It can be advertising spaces (thanks to Google Adsense for example), or information products (whether we are creators or just sellers by affiliation).

Finally, blogs (apart from personal blogs) are above all vectors of knowledge, regardless of whether this information is free (and consumed via published articles) or paid (via online training).

So blogging is dead? Not clear! It’s just the opposite.

The revolution is happening before our eyes: the digitization revolution of knowledge. And like every revolution, there will be winners and losers.

You decide where you want to be.

What you have to do now

Now it is up to you to apply what you just read in this article.

Whether you are a marketer or an entrepreneur, creating a blog can greatly help your main business, or even be created alongside it.

In any case, now think about how you want to use and invest it.

To help you out, I’ve created a guide that summarizes the three main ways to monetize a blog, and how to set them up step by step.

I want to access the directory.

And if not, feel free to leave a comment. I will be glad to answer you.

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