Automate your sales with email marketing

Email marketing is a tool widely used by companies as part of their web marketing strategy. It is a powerful communication channel for generating sales and maintaining engagement with your customers. This Udemy training aims to provide you with all the skills needed to effectively manage email campaigns using the Mailchimp tool.

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Marketing emails should contain information of interest to the target people. Professional email software is essential for managing all your mail, and you will be able to gather useful statistics that will allow you to tailor your communications.

Email Marketing: Udemy Training in Detail

In this training, you will learn how to build a high quality email list and collect emails from qualified leads. You will be able to create attractive landing pages to improve your conversion rate. Setting up an automated email campaign will become a simple procedure, and you will integrate the method of use. This course is ideal if you want to learn advanced email marketing strategies. You get positive results, your efforts are rewarded, and your work is meticulous and well-directed. There will be no more secrets to content writing, and your content will be optimized to impress your customers. You will learn to analyze the results to adapt your strategy and better understand the expectations of your customers/prospects.

This course is suitable for beginners who want to become experts in email marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing Using Mailchimp

The purpose of email marketing is to inform and retain contacts who are interested in your services or products in order to generate sales by directing them to specific pages of your site. Email, as well as social networks, is one of the main channels for activating your contacts. With a good email sending tool, you can get a great ROI. The low cost of an email campaign is an advantage that continues to attract many different businesses and sectors. This marketing action is accessible, you just need to practice to take full advantage of the potential of email.

Mailchimp is a very popular and easy to use tool, with three steps you can schedule the sending of your emails. Initially you will design your own email template (no HTML knowledge required) and you will be able to preview the email easily. Then you will choose the list of contacts and you can send the email using your database. In this Udemy course, you will learn how to do it in detail to use all the available features that you may need.

Email meets different goals:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Keep your existing contacts
  • sell in bulk
  • Improve your image (position yourself as an expert)
  • Develop your bad reputation

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