ArboreSens, a festival to reflect on the environmental impact of digital technology scheduled for October 2022

Knowing that a French employee receives an average of 58 emails per day and sends 33, on the scale of a company with 100 employees, an email exchange over the course of a year would contaminate up to fourteen round-trip flights from Paris to New York. Since digital technology has no negligible impact on the environment (if only for the production of computers, smartphones, etc.), the City of Sens has decided to invent and launch the ArboreSens Festival, an event that will unify the digital environment this October.

“Raising Awareness”

“It will be one of the first festivals to link the two themes,” confirms Celestine Ngoma, deputy in charge of the digital city and the modernization of public work. The goal is to raise awareness. De l’extraction des matières premières jusqu’à leur fin de vie, le cycle de vie du smartphone provoque de lourds dégâts aux quatre coins du monde tels que l’épuisement de ressources non renouvelables, les rejets toxés de phésés ès greenhouse gases.

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Hackathon. In groups of four, for a period of nine hours, in June 2019 volunteers participated in the first Sens hackathon, working to gain digital skills in the region. Hack and marathon has shrunk, and this creative challenge has evolved significantly in recent years in companies and universities. The goal is to generate, within a short period of time, as many ideas as possible on a given topic. A hackathon will be launched on October 19 with the School of Business Administration (EGC) as part of the ArboreSens Festival.

“Today, digital can no longer be rejected, but there are solutions to reduce the impact on the environment.” Last weekend, the website, designed by Rhéa Villette, a City of Sens intern and master’s degree in Marketing and Business Development, was introduced. “The site meets the specifications responsible for the environment, it is simple, with very few images and very little data.” The aim of the festival: To bring together for three days in Sens, in this case in Amphi, inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs who have a solution that reconciles digital technology and the environment, while preserving the latter in the best possible way.

Ideas flowed through the first Sens . Hackathon

Marie-Louise Fort, mayor of Sans, insists, “The smartphone is a source of pollution. People are not necessarily aware of it.” The goal of this festival is clearly teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15 and 30, defines Cyril Aledra, Director of Public Action Modernization Pole. Available in workshops (robots and repair), conferences, round tables, escape game and ideas competition, the event has already convinced 16 buildings to participate. But all digital and/or environmental players are welcome within 150 days of the first ArborSens.

Veronique Sells
[email protected]

Ideas contest. City of Sens is launching a competition for ideas. The best of them will be presented and financed financially. It is a matter of presenting your idea in the form of a presentation of a maximum of 3 minutes in a structured, robust manner that responds to a particular goal in video, audio, email and mail before September 30th.

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