▷ What to expect in email marketing 10 years from now

I think at the moment we already have some beginnings of what the future of email marketing will look like, but some elements are either not yet developed, are very advanced or are not yet adequately adapted to the market…

2006-2016: 10 years of digital generation

Celebrating 10 years, find a video about the digital developments of the last 10 years.

To make these “predictions”, I preferred to base myself on what was already there even in a beta test case.

The future will be defined in 3 words: anticipation, adaptability, hyper-connectivity.


Currently, when an Internet user wants something or information about a product for example, he inquires about his search engine for the vast majority or even better, he uses a personal voice assistant as often as possible siriAnd Cortana where google now to help guide him in his search.

With the advent of big data and the possibility of storing billions of different data, we will be able to know in advance the activity of an Internet user, such as what he is looking for, what interests or excites him. All this in order to anticipate his future desires.

Let’s take the example of predictive transmission. pioneer in this field, AmazonAmong other things, the development of system “parameters” that in the future could make it possible to pre-order or even send products for which the Internet user has not yet expressed a desire to purchase for which he has made interactions on the network that will operate this predictive transmission system.

To give an example, imagine that you ordered the latest smartphone fromapple And it turns out that many of the owners who acquired it researched on average two days after their purchase on the possibility of getting wireless headphones compatible with the device plus some people even spent an average of 5 days ordering these headphones.

What will happen is, once you orderIphone After validation, your headphone order will also be on its way and two days after your order you will receive a quick email of purchase with delivery within an hour because your product will already be available at a pickup point near you!

Satisfaction by expectation will undoubtedly be one of the cornerstones of the coming years.


Let’s stay on the principle of anticipating the desires of its customers. All this will be done in an automated system. But often, this automation more commonly called “marketing automation” is intimidating because it will have an unfortunate tendency, in the minds of many people, to turn us into simple bots that aren’t. And again, I won’t mention the security part for many reasons.

If it turns out that every Monday evening we go to the cinema, we have created an automated email with assigned, For example, to send us a list of movies automatically, taking care each time to automatically remove the ones we’ve already seen.

Of course, the email will be tied to my schedule of serving only times that work for me (all thanks to the connection we’ll talk about later). But if this Monday I finally decided to break my habits and go shopping for an evening with friends that would take place on Wednesday night, what would happen?

Quite simply, my mailbox will adapt to changing my program based on my geographic location, current activity, and current needs and will avoid sending my regular email to the cinema – the mail I used to pre-book my movie ticket at one click so you don’t stand in a queue.

On the other hand, I will receive an email with discount coupons on my purchases, reminding me of various current promotions, especially drinks.

Note that this will not prevent customized To automatically email me to let me know that if I want to come after the 10pm shopping I will exceptionally be entitled to a free drink and popcorn to recuperate from my activity without forgetting to put in some great call to action to get all this ready before I arrive so everything is ready as soon as I enter In terms of cinema.

All this of course will only be done via his phone because in 10 years everything will be 100% responsive of course!

Super Connect

For all of that to happen, there has to be a complete and comprehensive interaction. In short, the world must return more and more to the spirit of excessive partnership. This is the idea that exists on a small scale, especially with systems like Zapier where IFTTT that links the elements together easily. In 10 years, I see these systems grow and spread far and wide, making it possible to connect everything.

To go back to our example: So a few days before I went to the movies, I did some personal research on weight loss. Most of the suggested answers highlighted sports as the most appropriate option for me, except that I don’t have the time. This is where the interconnectedness of the stuff and big data will come together and do the work for me.

When I book my movie ticket I feel a little guilty for the popcorn and coke and tell myself it’s not very reasonable.

At this point there will be a link between the email where the order is located and my activity tracker which informs my email that I haven’t started exercising (bad boy!). Ma géolocalisation indiquera alors qu’il existe une salle de sport proche de chez moi à laquelle je serai reliée via un système d’application de quartier comme il en existe(ra) beaucoup et verra de surcroît automatiquement que ez mon libest agenda afternoon. So I will receive a modified email offering to try the basement gym for free on Tuesday afternoon to get back in shape. It’s hard to refuse such a suggestion especially if it arrived after validating my cinema!

All this shows above all that within 10 years there will be, by force of circumstances, a commitment to fully automate the cycle. Brands that have not yet transformed will lose all opportunity to be a part of the digital market and become mere spectators of change.

The goal of brands would be that each customer acquired must be maintained continuously throughout the customer journey or risk losing it to the competition. Thus, it will be up to brands to constantly find items to keep their customers in their automation scenario indefinitely while offering an endless array of services.

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