Orientation: 3 new careers in accounting

Anne-Sophie LAIGNEL, Managing Director of iPaidThat, an automated platform for corporate accounting and financial management, introduces 3 new professions that will be important in the coming years.

1/ Data Analyst (M/F)

Often within a data team, the task of a data analyst is to retrieve, synthesize, and organize the financial information generated by the company’s activity streams. The processed data is used for the needs of the customer; Must be able to build financial models to check the quality of indicators. The data analyst must be able to translate the data into Track Analysis and produce relevant reports and indicators. This may be the case, for example, through the implementation of data visualization tools. Data analysis is also used to introduce new functions related to the needs of other company departments: product or marketing. In particular, this means being able to write a functional specification book and making sure it is implemented correctly.

Study level: Higher education in the College of Engineering

Experience required: First two years experience required

2/ Digital Transformation Consultant (M/F)

Digital transformation of clients, who must adopt new online financial management tools, should be accompanied by digital transformation consultants. They have a prominent educational role with clients in changing their ways of working to become ‘entirely digital’. They know how to listen, show empathy, and be patient in order to be trained in the online platform and its various functions. Their pedagogical qualities must be undeniable. They operate across the entire digital value chain: upstream (when customers have not yet learned about the tools) and downstream (when they encounter difficulties in daily use). It also feeds online FAQs with new problems customers encounter and recommended solutions. Their work is carried out through all channels: chatbot, telephone, online messaging, physical meetings …

Study level: from BAC . level

Experience required: No experience required

3/ Customer Service Support (M/F)

The semi-automated accounting and financial management platform should take care of its relationship with customers, in English “customer service”. For the effective management of the latter, it is essential that you surround yourself with the “Customer Care” team that specializes in accounting. This is a support function whose tasks can be diverse: managing contact with customers, processing and performing a functional analysis of specific support tickets (incidents, change requests), or even being a proposal with technical teams, in order to determine the best solutions to correct a malfunction. The mission of Customer Care is to be at the heart of the reactor and above all in direct contact with the customer’s needs. It can also perform specific routine tasks such as system monitoring or data cleaning

Study level: from BAC . level

Experience required: No experience required

So the numbers trading sector is in full boom. In general, the trend is to reduce the working time devoted to “accounting production” (advertisement entry and release), to provide the best advice to customers with the expected digital dividend: more speed and completeness in information feedback. Therefore, the accounting professions have not finished transforming….

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