Marketing Challenge: Ensure Receipt of Emails

It’s a no-brainer, as marketing emails must be opened, read, and clicked. This requires putting as many of them as possible in the recipients’ main inbox and not considering them as spam.

This goal, which seems self-evident, is made more difficult to achieve by the strengthening of anti-spam, both by consumer email services and by organizations that provide themselves with email protection solutions. The issue of deliverability now requires specialized expertise, otherwise the effectiveness of your campaigns will be significantly reduced and your reputation as a sender will be permanently damaged.

We recently noticed in one of our clients that in the absence of a good approach, his emails were systematically blocked for several months by two major email providers, deleting a large portion of his database.

A set of good practices and the right tools are the keys to obtaining and maintaining an excellent level of delivery.

Maintain the strong reputation of the sender

In addition to optimally configuring your email sending solution, it is all about building and maintaining a strong sender reputation. Real til with anti-spam filters, this depends on the rigor of managing your contact lists, the regularity of your mailings, the quality of the content of your emails and, increasingly, the level of engagement of your recipients. In order to control all these factors, having a solid marketing solution becomes essential.

In this regard, we highly recommend using complete digital marketing solutions rather than simple email tools. Marketing automation solutions and digital marketing management centers are now mature and accessible to small and medium businesses. Among other things, they provide essential features to increase the positioning of your emails in the main inbox of their recipients.

  1. The initial stage of controlled increase in volumes can be automated, a highly recommended practice to avoid sudden surges in shipments, and to distribute large quantities.

  2. The collection and respect of opt-in and opt-out processes is managed locally. Each recipient can indicate their own communication preferences, which limits the risk of opting out entirely. Addresses returned in error are automatically deleted.

  3. Before sending, the message is scanned on desktop and mobile, can be registered as spam and can be previewed in major messaging services.

  4. Audience interaction can be created and maintained through content personalization, A/B testing with circulating the winning version, or automated scenarios based on recipient behavior. The less engaged recipients can therefore be excluded from future transmissions so as not to damage your reputation as the sender.

As we can see, effectively exploiting the email channel today requires good practices and proper tools. It’s time for organizations to equip themselves with solutions that meet current requirements and constraints, allow control of all phases of the campaign – before and after dispatch, and offer expert support if a problem arises. One last tip: Get support to develop your digital marketing activities on a solid foundation.

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